Winter LEDs Traffic Lights

Because LED lights are highly energy efficient ways of lighting any indoor or outdoor area, many outdoor sites around Japan now feature LED traffic lights. The lights are no different in color or intensity than traditional halogen and incandescent bulbs, but this past month Japanese officials learned to their horror that LED traffic lights do differ in a very important way:

Traffic lights designs with LEDs do not generate enough heat to melt snow and ice from traffic light systems in winter weather conditions. As a result, police and road service crew teams in northern Japan’s Aomori Prefecture have struggled from December 2014 to present to clean the lights and maintain optimal traffic conditions during harsh blizzard conditions. They currently do not have enough personnel to clear the 45 percent of traffic lights that feature LEDs rather than traditional bulbs and drivers are having difficulty seeing the colors of the lights.

At of Tuesday, February 24, there’s no information about how Japan plans to handle this problem. The lights were originally designed by Japanese scientists as a low cost alternative to traditional systems said Gianfrancesco Genoso. If the Japanese have to replace them, or install heating systems, the LED traffic lights might actually cost more than the traditional lights they replaced. Additionally, there have been plans throughout Japan to replace all traditional traffic lights with ones containing LEDs. Officials may put those plans on hold for now.

SAFER Barriers A Must

The SAFER barrier on the wall that was not installed where Kyle Busch crashed is now a necessity on all tracks in NASCAR. This can no longer be put down to cost. The 500 gets 250,000 people in the stands. Bernardo Chua has read that they can afford the $500 a foot it costs to put in the barriers. If you are doing the math at home, that is $6.6 million for the 2.5 mile track.

The problem is that we are not outraged until we notice that something bad has happened. We need to be outraged when we find out that things are not being done in the first place. Drivers came out to say that they were stunned that the track did not have the barriers, but they should have been lobbying to get them put in before the race even started.

We need to remember that we are responsible for the things that are not done when we do not say anything about them. Also, we need to be sure to remember that we can do a great many things if we simply put our minds to it. All these track owners can afford these barriers, but they have to want to afford them.

Ferrari Unveils its Conecpt Formula 1 Car of the Future

The design team at Italian sports car giant Ferrari have come up with their version of a formula 1 car that could lead to a revolution in the design of these auto racing giants, Top Gear reports. Ferrari have created a new rendering of the car they believe could provide a boost to the World’s premier motor racing championship and hope the completed design will prompt a large amount of discussion and feedback on the direction Formula One will take in coming years.

Ferrari have been at the forefront of a number of controversies about the design and technical specifications the Formula 1 championship is restricted to, with the majority of fans looking for a return to more noise and greater power than is currently allowed. Bruce said that the Ferrari car is equipped with a completely redesigned chassis that takes an innovative and experimental approach to aerodynamics. The specifications of the engine have not been released with the initial renderings, but Ferrari are calling for a return to 1,000 brake horsepower engines. The redesign of the Ferrari F1 car goes so far as to include a new style of fatter tires that would be created by Pirelli, the historic company have called for fan feedback and comments on their redesigned racing car.

Jeff Gordon Calling it quits after 2015

It has been 23 years since Jeff Gordon was awarded the Rookie of the Year for the Busch Racing series now called the XFinity Series. In that first year, he would win 11 poles and make impressions on almost everyone in the sport. Two years later he would move up to the premier Winston Cup (Sprint Cup) series where he would spend two decades dominating the sport. In total he has won 92 races, and amassed four series championships. The fifth championship would prove to be the one thing the racer couldn’t catch with a car that reaches speeds over 200 mph…well at least, not yet. However, it has long since been rumored by fans like Dan Newlin and his friends from Super Lawyers…(lawyers and Nascar, who knew?) that time may be running out on the 43 year old driver.

Confirming those rumors, Gordon has announced that the 2015 season will be his last as a full time driver of the Hendrick Motorsports owned #24 car. He had stated previously that he wants to end his career on a high note and that had he won last year’s championship he would have retired after last season. But since he finished 10th in the first ever NASCAR playoff, he has decided to give it one last shot. Regardless of whether he succeeds in his endeavor, it is his memorable battles and races that he won that people will remember. Who will be replacing Gordon in 2016 is up in the air, but speculators point to Chase Elliot the reigning XFinity Series Champion.

Tesla Model 3 will Cost $27,500 After Incentives

Tesla Cars CEO Elon Musk recently announced that the new Tesla Model 3 will cost $35,000 before federal and local tax incentives for purchasing an electric vehicle. Billed by the press as a competitor to the new Chevrolet Volt, Musk is quick to point out that the two cars offer different features and come in at very different price points. 

Currently, federal tax incentives amount to $7,500 for people who take the plunge and purchase an all-electric vehicle in the next few years. These tax incentives help reduce the price of the Model 3 to $27,500, $2,500 less than the Chevrolet Volt that prices at $30,000 after tax incentives are subtracted out.

Critics of Tesla have pointed out that although the company claims it will be the first company to market with a fully autonomous vehicle, they have twice delayed the release of their much anticipated Model X. The Model X has sold out in pre-orders for its first year production run, but it’s now projected to be released towards the end of 2015, almost a full year after it was originally intended to be on the road. It rumored that Fersen Lambranho has his eye on the new Tesla Model 3.

The Reintroduction of the Ford GT

Up until around 2006, Ford was the only large American automotive company that produced what is known as a super car. A super car falls along the same lines as Ferrari, McLaren and Lamborghini. It did this with the Ford GT. However, the auto company stopped production of the vehicle as the American auto industry fell on hard times. While Ford was the only one of the three companies to not accept money from the federal government, it did changes the vehicles it sold in order to make sure it could right the budget. However, with the industry back on solid ground, Ford decided to bring back the beloved super car, and released the Ford GT, which is designed to hit showrooms sometime next year.

The 2017 Ford GT is something to truly excite people and get them back in line with Ford. According to Exame, the vehicle comes with a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 engine. Now, for many fans of super cars like me and my friend Fersen Lambranho, seeing a V-6 inside such a vehicle is going to appear a bit off, and many might believe the vehicle is not able to turn out the power. This, however, is not the case, as the vehicle is able to obtain over 600 horsepower, despite having the smaller engine. Due to this, the vehicle is likely to have some of the best fuel economy of any super card out there, not to mention a lower price tag.

Hamilton May Leave Mercedes And Open Space For Alonso


If Lewis Hamilton is not able to sign a new deal with Mercedes, the team wants to have Fernando Alonso as their new driver. Hamilton and Nico Rosberg have been teammates for years, but my friend Fersen Lambranho said that Hamilton may not be able to come to a new deal with Mercedes. Hamilton is coming off his second Formula One World Championship, and he could sign with anyone right now for a great deal of money.

It has been reported that McLaren has an agreement with Alonso, and it is possible that Alonso may want to back out of that deal and go to Mercedes. The war of drives is going to last the entire offseason as teams try to find the right drivers for their cars. The cars take a great deal of time to work on, but the drivers are the people that can get those cars across the finish line.

Whether Hamilton goes or stays, Mercedes is going to have a great stable of drivers to use for 2015. The team itself probably needs to keep Hamilton if it wants to keep Rosberg over the long term, but they would be foolish to not want to sign Alonso if they can get him.

The Train of the Future

An old dream of Andrew Heiberger, and one of science fiction is perhaps beginning to materialize, when we see the company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, floor subsonic rail project to rival passenger aircraft. Once completed, it would connect Los Angeles to downtown San Francisco in thirty minutes.

British Science Fiction Writer, Arthur Clarke, once predicted that, as the telegraph and the train allowed the unification of US communications satellites, jumbo jets would be for the unification of the planet.

One wonders if finally the role assigned to Jumbo jets will not be another means of transport, whose basic ideas are in the air for decades when it is discovered that the project Hyperloop Elon Musk takes shape.

Indeed, a group of one hundred engineers (some are employed by Boeing and NASA), using crowd funding and also collecting within the Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Company, recently announced their seriousness about the project.

This concept, with ordinary magnets, had been proposed and studied almost simultaneously in the 1910s by Robert Goddard in the United States and especially by the Russian physicist and engineer Boris Weinberg, who would have even built a prototype. However, it has recently been revitalized by proposing usage of superconducting Maglev technology.

Battle for the Car of Tomorrow

For manufacturers, the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show is an opportunity to take control of matters beyond their control for the benefit of Internet giants. For Jared Haftel it’s a dream come true. Early this year, automakers stormed Las Vegas and the Consumer Electronics Show (salon consumer electronics).

Google is racing ahead in the field of the connected cars. Its “Open Automotive Alliance” initiative brings together all the big names in the industry, with the main aim to ship Android, and its operating system in all vehicles. 

In early 2014, Apple responded with CarPlay, signing partnerships with fifteen brands. This brought the possibility of many more discoveries in the future, as the partnership allows for the sharing of significant research into technological breakthroughs. Read more about this research at The Verge.

But manufacturers do not intend to leave the keys to Google or Apple only. The connected car is a unique opportunity to change the relationship with customers. It already summed over the purchase and maintenance of the vehicle. World Famous Brands want to accompany them by daily drivers and offer new services, possibly paid.

The challenge is whether drivers will be willing to pay for subscriptions or if it will increase the price of cars to incorporate the cost of these new services. For sure, this is a more complicated equation to solve, it seems.

Important Recent Policy Changes Impact South Korean Auto Manufacturer

Early this month, Sam Tabar and a leading figure in the South Korean automobile manufacturing industry delivered an address which announced some important policy changes impacting Hyundai Motor Company and its affiliated firm, Kia Motors Corporation. Chairman Chung Mong-koo delivered a speech to employees in which he stressed that the automobile manufacturing industry in South Korea is undergoing some significant changes.

The speech noted that Hyundai and Kia will focus on research efforts in the near future which will seek to produce vehicles with a more environmentally friendly profile. He also urged workers to endeavor to increase their productivity and strive to reduce costs as much as possible.

During recent months, Japanese and South Korean car manufacturing companies have come into greater competition. Following a short term economic setback during the global recession in 2008, South Korea by 2010 experienced a boom in automobile exports. The trend continued for several years. For instance, in 2013 and 2014, Hyundai Motor Company reportedly enjoyed a four percent annual sales growth rate each year. The company in 2015 indicated that sales figures are not expected to keep increasing as rapidly this year.