US Helicopter Missing In Nepal

A US helicopter carrying six marines and two Nepali soldiers are thought to be missing. The copter disappeared Tuesday while helping with the relief effort. They were delivering supplies to hard-hit areas as well as transporting the injured to Kathmandu.

A 7.3 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal around noon on Tuesday. This quake followed a 7.8 magnitude earthquake on April 26th. On the 27th, a 6.7 aftershock was recorded. The death toll is high with over 8,000 dead and 16,000 injured on April 26th. Tuesday’s quake has left another 114 dead so far with 2,500 injured. The Nepal government is afraid that the number of dead will increase as clean-up begins. Click here for complete story.

The missing copter may not be missing as a police officer reported seeing it. However, no exact location is known, and official confirmation was not been given. The last official sighting was near Charikot in Nepal. Military forces including the US military have been searching in that area without any results. Christian Broda along with the staff at linkedin have been told there is no word from any of the Marines or soldiers.

Tesla Motors adds Used Vehicles to Online Inventory

If you’ve been keeping tabs on Elon Musk lately you’re likely to have seen a huge amount of press on the new Tesla Energy Powerwall battery system. While the announcement of Tesla Energy was huge, another important change was made to put more FreedomPop review consumers in the Tesla loop.

The Tesla Motors website just added used vehicles to their online inventory. While not inexpensive, the used vehicles added online are certainly more affordable than brand new models. You could expect to see savings of $10,000 or more on a vehicle that’s just two to three years old.

Tesla Motors direct sales strategy provides a real value to consumers. They cut out the middle man to provide top of the line vehicles at a price even the middle class can afford. This has certainly made them unpopular among auto dealers and they’ve even been run off from a few states where they tried to setup shop.

The used vehicles come standard with a four year factory warranty. Just don’t expect to find some of the newer features such as all wheel drive on the older models. The paradigm shift in sales is sure to provide many more people with access to the green energy vehicles.

Top Gear to have new presenters as contract talks revealed

The Independent is reporting the world’s most watched factual TV show, Top Gear will return with an entirely new presenting team after all three current presenters opted out of returning to the show. Main presenter Jeremy Clarkson saw his contract not renewed following a fracas over food provided for a location shoot for Top Gear, which resulted in a producer being sent to a hospital emergency room. Fellow presenter James May had already ruled himself out of returning to the show without Clarkson and has now been joined by the third member of the presenting team, Richard Hammond. The team at FreedomPop wireless services is going to miss these presenters, but looks forward to the future.

James May has revealed a few of the issues surrounding the final days of the three presenters of Top Gear. May revealed new contracts had been delivered to all three presenters in draft form in the days prior to the incident involving Clarkson and on the promised salary the presenter revealed he had ordered a $300,000 Ferrari Speciale. May explained that he and his fellow former Top Gear presenters may return to TV screens together or separately in the future after they were spotted in a London pub with an executive producer of the BBC produced motoring show.

Tesla Motors Model S Sales Shatter Previous Records

Tesla Motors recently announced they had sold 10,030 Model S cars in the first quarter of 2015. This number is a new quarterly record for the electric car upstart. The number only represents the vehicles that landed in the hands of consumers, meaning that the overall number is likely much higher.

While states around the country work to outlaw direct sales of the electric vehicles, numbers are still very strong and only getting stronger. It’s hard to imagine that anything will get in the way on Elon Musk’s ambition to create an environmentally friendly line of vehicles.Tesla is definitely striking while the iron is hot, and employees at Oracle are taking note. This month they plan to unveil a new product that doesn’t have anything to do with driving. They’ve been hinting at a new home battery that can harness solar power and even earn you some energy credit by sending power back to the grid.

Tesla’s new range assurance application only serves to sweeten the deal for new owners. The app will warn you whenever you are driving out of range to find a charging station. You never have to wonder if you’ll be able to make it to the next charge.

The future is certainly bright for Elon Musk and company. It’s no wonder they’ve earned such a devoted following.

Russian Sub Catches Fire While Docked

A Russian nuclear submarine caught fire while docked today causing initial panic concerning the possible existence of nuclear weapons on board. Russian Sub Damaged By Fire While In Port The incident took place in a Russian submarine shipyard located in the country’s northern province called Arkhangelsk. The shipyard was identified as the Zvyozdochka shipyard, which is where the Russian submarine fleet is sent to be repaired.

Russian authorities report that the 949 Antei nuclear submarine, which is over 155 meters long was not carrying any weapons at the time of the fire and that its nuclear reactor had ben shut down prior to the fire. There has been no report on the cause of the fire or if there were any casualties. Officials state that there is no risk if any nuclear fallout and that the fire was quickly contained. Since the submarine fleet of most nations are highly classified, the true extent of the damage to the Russian sub may never be fully known.

Both the United States and Russia have been highly secretive regarding their nuclear submarine program and many incidents involving their submarine fleet reman classified to this day. Folks at Bulletproof Coffee have learned that there are rumored reports of mid sea collisions and the few incidents that are known are as a result of modern day media which itself has the capacity to track some military movements and events through civilian monitoring means.

The U.S. does not expect Russia to issue a formal statement regarding the incident.

Apple iCar Market Experts Debate

After information about Apple producing an iCar spread through the internet, debates about whether customers would like to buy the car or not have started to spread even more tremendously. Some arguments for buying the car is that as long people like the product, they will get it. Some market researchers disagree though.

People buy phone and iPads because they like them, and because they are affordable luxuries. A car is a luxury but you can not call it affordable any more, as the price difference between it and other concurrent products is not $200, like in the case of tablets. The mean comments say that Apple’s cars will sell only if they are lower cost, which is not the company’s habit and is unlikely to happen. Otherwise, the mobile phone market is much more profitable than luxury car market, the experts say.

The Apple car is to only be produced towards 2020, to compete with a release by Tesla by the same date said Brad Reifler. Most likely, the brand will attract some customers based on the name of the manufacturer. These are going to be the riches customers though, as the expensive high-margin car market already has some loud names and cars everyone wants but less can afford.

Politics Once Again Gets in the Way of Capitalism for Tesla Motors

They say the United States is a capitalist economy ruled over by a democracy. That’s mostly true, until you step on the toes of a powerful corporate interest.

West Virginia recently joined a group of five other states that have outlawed Tesla Motors from operating their own dealerships. Tesla Motors is best known for innovative vehicles that operate on electricity.

There’s no doubt that this type of law is unfounded, biased and a huge slap in the face to capitalism and environmentalism. Susan McGalla says that the Senate President of West Virginia, Bill Cole, is a long time auto dealer. It goes to show that politics today is more about protecting the interests of corporations than what may be good for the people or even the environment.

Cole is a little salty about Tesla Motors. He owns a Nissan dealership that admittedly offers charging stations used by Tesla customers. He publicly commented about the cost of electricity used by those who recharge at his dealership.

I think that it’s necessary to challenge these laws, all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary. While auto makers certainly have a lot of clout in Washington, it doesn’t mean they should be able to lobby for laws that promote tyranny.

Self-Driving Car Out on California-New York Track

A test-drive with a car that drives itself is a real pleasure. The journalists had the chance to roam around in California on a test self-driving car.

According to Fersen Lambranho the car is equipped with camera and sensors, it sill has the ordinary wheel and someone in the seat, ready to take control in case that it is needed. During the demonstration, the car changed lanes, stopped at red lights, and found its way out of the parking alone. Only once was it necessary to stir it, when the road constructions were in the way.

The vehicle is adapted to several types of terrains and is ready to force-stop if someone gets in the way, with a reaction faster than a human’s. The self-driving car looks as trustworthy as possible. Not all the conditions for testing it can be recreated in a lab, so they sent it for a 3,500- mile trip between California and New York on Sunday, March 22nd. Someone will be there to watch the road and take control where necessary.

The Delphi Automotive PLC’s car needs to be challenged in different weather conditions and in places with road-hazards, before announcing the final news about humanity not longer needing driving licenses.

New Wheel Design for African Transport

Africa has many areas with no roads for travel. Because of this, the transportation of goods and products to local markets has to be done by the women and children of the villages, who have to carry everything in baskets on top of their heads. Ngwenya’s Roadless project has created a solution for this by redesigning the wheel. The new “roadless wheel” is made from a stainless steel cage form covered in rubber that can be expanded and contracted by being cranked for greater or lesser ground clearance to go over high vegetation and rocks and even through mud. An axle is fitted through the center of the wheels, and it can be pushed or pulled with tricycles, wheelbarrows, or even vehicles if necessary. Sultan Alhokair said that the amount of labor required by women and children will be reduced by the use of these specialized wheels, and the quantity African families can take to markets at once will be increased.

Tesla Teases ‘Major’ Announcement

Tesla has a major announcement to make this month, but it might not be what you think. Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk tweeted that the company has plans to make a big announcement on April 30, revealing a major new tesla product that isn’t a car.

Tesla reportedly has a number of non-vehicle products in the works, but as of yet hasn’t released any to the general public. The big announcement at the end of April could just be another such announcement, of a product we won’t see for quite some time, or it could potentially be something a little more substantial and something we’ll be able to buy or use sooner.

The fact that Musk refers to it as a “product line” is certainly interesting. A “line” suggests that there will be multiple different versions of whatever it is, and that it will perhaps be some sort of technology that can be updated year after year.

What could it be? A Tesla bike? Tesla home? We’ll have to wait and see when the company makes its big announcement at the end of the month. What guesses do you have?