Dr. Sergio Cortes in Reactions after heavy El-Nino rains

Sergio Cortes is the State Health Secretary in In Rio De Janeiro. His work has stood out for itself since he is one of the most experienced and concerned about people’s well-being medical doctors in Brazil. He has been surveying the areas that have been affected by floods. On a Sunday morning in Xerem, Duque de Caxias, and the main shelters who are receiving municipal population. The state Government set up a hydration center at Xerem health center. It has 12 chairs and can attend to 300 people per day.
Brazil is an emerging economic power that ranks 125 on the World Health Organization (WHO); this is not a good performance. Sergio Cortes is working hard to improve the health care of his state. “From the worst we are working and hoping for the best. Xerem center is a preventive action of the state Department of Health to give a hand to the municipality, given the poor sanitation in the city (Rio De Janeiro), increasing the possibility of dengue mosquito proliferation” said State Secretary Sergio Cortes.


State Secretary, Sergio Cortes had a meeting with municipal health secretary, Camillo Junqueira, and the coordinator of the National Health Force Conception Mendonca, to discuss this matter. They agreed that the state should deliver an additional calamity kit Caxias plus 3000 antibiotic tablets for prevention against leptospirosis.


All the above measures have been taken on Sergio Cortes initiative and collaboration to curb the proliferation of these contagious diseases like leptospirosis, hepatitis A, and diarrhea contracted through contaminated water.


Health Surveillance Secretariat of State has collected the first batch of samples have been collected in Xerem from seven shelters and have been examined, and the conclusion was unsatisfactory, said the Central Laboratory Noel Nutels. Daily disinfection of water is, therefore, being carried out by the teams and people have been recommended to do the same. The State Government has therefore delivered 10,000 bottles of sodium hypochlorite to Caxias.


Sergio Cortes, State Secretary, has advised his people to use bottled water for drinking and food hygiene. They should also apply hypochlorite in water tanks since the shelters are making this distribution. This situation room is in Xerem health post to monitor the region in regards to health actions. Sergio Cortes says that training will be done to people in the shelters to identify symptoms early enough to avoid rapid spread of the diseases.

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Investors Are Nervous! George Soros Is Predicting Another Stock Market Meltdown!

Hold on to your stock portfolio folks. One of the smartest, if not the smartest investors alive, George Soros, is predicting a worldwide economic crisis and a stock market crash, and it could happen in 2016. When Soros makes a prediction, investors listen. Soros is worth more than $27 billion, and he didn’t inherit all that wealth. He made it by investing.

Soros is considered the best hedge-fund manager in the world, and an 85-year-old soothsayer that knows what he is talking about when it comes to economics and investing. According to a Bloomberg.com post, Soros believes China will drag the world into a major recession and there’s not much anyone or any country can do about it.

How the world got into this situation is a lesson in economics. China has been the go-to country when it comes to producing inexpensive products that can be sold at high margins. Every country in the Western world has bought or is buying China products. China’s manufacturing base was the engine on their economic train for years. Big factories, cheap labor, inexpensive raw materials, and the ability to copy almost every product known to man made China’s gross domestic product rate soared for decades. But then something happened. What happened is good old fashion capitalism.

Factory prices started to increase, and so did the cost of labor. Raw materials increases added more fuel to the mix and in just a couple of years, China couldn’t compete with the other Asian countries that are twenty years behind China in terms of labor and material costs. Even though the Chinese entered joint ventures with factories in Vietnam and Indonesia, those relationships didn’t help China’s economic growth.

The Chinese government realized their problem. The Communist leaders decided to let their manufacturing base shrink and concentrate on the up-and-coming-middle-class in the country. China’s president told the world that China’s economy would essentially be a consumer driven economy instead of an export and manufacturing based economy. Changing to a consumer based economy is easier said than done. It requires a lot of money and patience. China has the money, but the rest of the world doesn’t have the patience, according to Soros.

Soros also did an interview with NYBooks.com. In that interview, Soros said China and the Ukraine were two of the factors that would shake and break the global economy in 2016. Mr. Soros also mentioned the Euro, migrant, and the Greek crisis. Those issues would also help turned the world’s economy into a former version of itself.

At the recent Davos Economic Summit, Soros didn’t change his prediction. The Hungarian-born tycoon still believes the stock market and economies around the world will find themselves facing a recession that could last for years.

A 1980s Automotive Icon Makes a Limited Return

Many of us who were old enough to have lived through the 1980s hold many memories of this decade. There was a lot of good music and movies, and there was a certain energy and vitality that seems less apparent today. There were many people and things that were iconic representations of this decade including President Reagan, the emergence of a green movement in Denver led by Jon Urbana, the then new space shuttles, music icons such as Madonna, whose still going strong today, and many movies that stick out. The 80s saw the conclusion of the original Star Wars trilogy with “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back” in 1980 and then “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi” in 1983. One movie that was more iconic of the 80s than any other, however, was “Back to the Future” and the DeLorean car it featured.

In a blast from the past, it has been announced that DeLorean Motor Company, will be building some more new DeLorean DMC-12 cars again. A recent federal law has made it possible for manufacturers to build replica vehicles in low volume. Legally they can only make fewer than 325 a year so it won’t be much of a money maker for the company, but it will enable some few lucky individuals who are keen on nostalgia to own a piece of the 1980s while driving in style. The car will actually be under $100,000, so the only issue in getting one for some may be the limited quantity and how quickly they sell out.

Dog Food That Taste Like People Food is Beneful to Dogs

According to Puro Research, the big pet food companies are searching and experimenting with new innovations. Every time they discover a new food or product, they do research by testing with lots of pets. One of the newest innovative ideas is the eat like your owners are eating. This includes foods from Blue Buffalo and Milo. Producers are creating foods that taste like turkey dinner and taste like home cooking. How good will it be when your dogs and cats are actually eating what you are eating? We feed them from the table already. This is not healthy but we still do it because we feel like our dogs and cats deserve it. Beneful dog food is as good as it gets. The newest combinations are making a big splash when it comes to taste. Purina has outdone itself this time. Beneful dog food is making dogs all over the world very happy. How about the dog food that is made completely from real meats. Meat products and fresh vegetables are some of the ingredients in the foods. Pet owners enjoy pampering their pets. Beneful treat their pets very well and only want the best for their dogs. In November 2015, an article appeared in the Daily Herald pronouncing that Fresh pets dog food company had begun preparing a food that is good enough for people to taste it. The production chief actually proved this when he opened up a tube of dog food and put some in his mouth. Food from other companies according to yahoo is coming up tasting like beef stroganoff and lasagna. These varieties in taste are getting closer to the real taste of people food. Every dog is going to be very happy if their owners spend the extra money and purchase these fresh organic foods from the refrigerator container in the closet market.

Igor Cornelsen’s Groundbreaking Ideas about Investing

Igor Cornelsen is a prominent investor with valuable experience in stock market and commodities investment. He is currently a proprietor with Bainbridge investments Inc. Prior to his retirement in 2010, Cornelsen held various high ranking positions in some of Brazil’s largest banks. He continues to offer various investment advice to long-term investors and those looking for investment opportunities in the country. Igor Cornelsen advises investors, who want to invest money with minimal risk to diversify their portfolios, avoid money losing ventures and acquire the services of an adviser. Cornelsen advises investors to take a keen look at the country’s banking sector to pick some leads about investing.

Igor Cornelsen observes that the top private sector banks in Brazil only lend money to credit-worthy individuals and firms as a security guarantee. For this reason, individuals who have less desirable credit must look at the public sector. Cornelsen proposes that the Brazil instill more market-oriented reforms and fiscal austerity to safeguard the interest of the investors. The retired banker and capital investment professional is also strong proponent of passive income investing. This development comes at a time when many people are making inquiries about this form of investing. According to Igor Cornelsen, these questions are being asked because people want to make more money indirectly to avoid the typical business hassles of generating income.

In a piece appearing on Tumblr, Igor Cornelsen highlights the three main benefits of a passive income investment. The benefits include; non-direct involvement, use of minimal resources and guarantee flow of income. Cornelsen notes that at any given case, one must be actively involved in money making venture to make money. However, this active involvement can force people to work under duress, even when they are tired or sick and this can affect productivity and the growth of the business. The solution to this challenge is finding a good, non-direct income generating activity and strategy, such a venture will give an investor ample time to attend to other important matters.

Regarding the use of resources, investing in a passive income generating active is basically a one off-activity that only requires initial investment. This type of venture promises continuous flow of income at a time when many people are hardly finding time to relax or even catch a nap. Because you do not have to actively monitor the business. In fact, according to Cornelsen you can generate income even when you are asleep or away from your work station. Passive income investing can also offer you supplemental income to counter the rising cost of living, which has forced people to outspend their budgets. Through this venture, you will be able to generate residual income while making maximum use of your time.

A Visionary For Financial Markets

A leader in the financial markets in our age is none other than Mr. Ken Griffin. He is the type of person that magazine articles are written about, pundits discuss, and many envy. This is because he has taken his extreme talents and used them in such a way that he has amassed wealth for himself and has created products that we all benefit from. The centerpiece of his work is Citadel. Broken down into its various components, Citadel is a liquid provider in the markets, an asset manager, and a pioneer of investment management technology. It is more complex and creative than most other business insider in the industry, and that is what makes people like them so much. The man graduated from Harvard University with a Bachelor’s Degree and believes strongly in the value of a good education. He thinks that it is a big reason why he is where he is to this day. To that point, he supports educational causes for free to help others reach the kind of potential that he was afforded in life. The Citadel firm that he founded has an extremely impressive track record in the markets. For the first 8 months of 2015 it was said to have posted a rate of return of some 13%. That is a lot higher than what the market itself was returning. In fact, the full year of 2015 was a slightly down year for the overall market. With results like that all around, it is nice to know that at least some investment managers know what they are doing and can outperform those results. These impressive returns are a big reason why Ken Griffin continues to climb in the Forbes rankings of wealthiest people in the world. He is currently in spot number 69 up from 91st in 2014. That is a big jump to make in a single year, but he has managed to make that happen. This is a man to keep an eye on in the markets. He seems to know how to navigate his way through even the toughest of markets while others fold.

Which Activity Does Urbana Do Best? Not Sure, You Decide

With many different talents, Mr. Jon Urbana has shown himself to excel at a lot of activities. Among the things that he excels at is lacrosse and business. It is important to be able to excel at business activities in order to succeed in life. Denver’s Jon Urbana has a zeal for life and he cares for people in a way that inspires them to make a lot of changes in their lives for the better. One thing that Jon Urbana uses in order to influence people is his social media voice and his companionship. This is what makes @jonurbana1 a role model to many Twitter users.

One of his major activities that help him build a name for himself is his use of Vimeo. He has videos released on various YouTube channels. He uses his videos in order to bring awareness to him and the activities that he takes part in. He understands that images can say so much more than words. In fact, he understands that a picture is worth a thousand words. So he uses that to the best advantage that he can.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana

Among the things that his videos cover is his lacrosse activities. He has shown so much skill at lacrosse to the point that he was able to manage his own camp. He works his players and helps them develop their talent within the game. They learn about the different positions that makes up the team.

Jon Urbana is first and foremost a businessman. He utilizes the skills that he has gained from business training in order to bring forth the training. He knows how to market himself, his business and his products. He can make people understand why they will want this product and why his products and services will improve their life.

To go along with his business and marketing is Jon Urbana’s GoFundMe activism. Crowdfunding is one of the most effective means of fundraising, and he’s done some great video work in this realm.

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

He can engage with his Instagram followers and show them his human side. He offers a lot of insight that gets people to trust him. As more people trust him, more will buy from him.

The highly developing New York’s real estate investments

Founded in 2010, Town residential is counted as among one of the vast firms in NYC real estate sector. Andrew Heiberger who is the company’s CEO leads the company as a luxury real estate placing emphasis on sales and marketing and also developing properties. In his line of duty, Heiberger also holds the position of co- chairman assisted by Joseph Sitt who is the chairman at the firm. As to the far, the firm has really gained great recognition standing out as an organization known broadly to offer high standard level services.

Following a recent analysis, town residential has been categorized among the top fifty firms that have been branded as good. This has been followed by the company receiving very many awards and of Corse deserving accolades in communities dealing with residential real estate. All credit for the firm’s success rightly goes to the highly experienced and intelligent team instilled with great knowledge to work for the firm. They have seen to it that the firm maintains a convenient line of customer service that will help in holding on to many clients.

In the New York City market, real estate analysts and brokers have made a tremendous progress relating to the market in New York City. This was reported on zero hedges following a recent real estate expo panel. Investors are hence looking forward to improving the pricing even more comes next year.

New York has so far developed and has gained much recognition globally. They have turned their challenges to boosters as they work extra hard to find value.

An example of investors such as Schechtman cited Larry Silverstein, posted great levels of regrets having sold his Manhattan holdings. This is after investors have shown great interest in New York. Despite all the challenges that may show up through the investments, investors are assured to make great profits following the good interest rates that have been put in place. Additionally, the investors are assured of a successful ending.

Make Sure Your Dog Is Eating Right With Beneful Varieties

When your dog is done going for a walk, what do you do? You should be rewarding him for being a good dog by giving him a healthy treat. We give our dog, Sam, a Beneful Dog Treat. We buy one of the kinds that they sell at the pet store called Baked Delights. He likes the kind of Baked Delights that are called Hugs. We have also tried the kind called Heartfuls by Beneful, and he likes those two. I like to reward my dog with treats to keep him happy. I like for him to enjoy going on walks. He gets so excited on Facebook when we go to the door with his leash. He is always right there waiting for me when I get home from work. It’s like he sits by the door waiting for me all day. My son brought home his dog food because the pet store is on the way home from his work. He bought a new kind of Beneful wet food called Chopped Blends. It has chicken, rice, tomatoes and carrots in the ingredients. It looks really healthy and tasty, so I’m sure that Sam will love it. He’s a big part of our lives. My son got him when he turned 10 years old. We usually feed him Beneful Dry Dog Food Original we saw on wikipedia. I buy the kind that says that it is made with real chicken. It says it on the bag, and I like to see that. The dog loves this blend of kibbles, and he loves when we add the Chopped Blends to his meal. I want him to feel like we care about him because we really do love the furry guy. We have so many routines together that he has become an important part of our daily lives. He eats when we eat, and he sleeps when we sleep. He does a great job at guarding the household when we are at work and school, and he doesn’t mind us leaving him alone. He has an enjoyable life, so I want to make sure he is eating right.

The Director Of BMG Marcio Alaor Announces A Bank Partnership That Few People Expected


Banco Itaú is the fifth largest bank in Brazil. It is the largest privately owned bank in the Southern Hemisphere thanks to a merger with Unibanco in 2008. Itaú has 700 employees in eight countries so the bank is firmly entrenched in the Brazilian mentality. But when EM.com.br recently published an article about Banco Itaú forming a partnership with the privately held bank known as BMG Bank some people in the financial industry in Brazil were surprised. But the Director of BMG Bank, Marcio Alaor wasn’t one of those people. Alaor was instrumental in putting the $R1 billion deal together.

Under the terms of the partnership, BMG Bank put up $R300 million and Banco Itaú put up $R700 million as capitalization for a new bank named Itaú BMG Bank. Itaú BMG Bank will help both banks obtain a stronger position in the consignment credit industry. Consignment credit in Brazil is a $R123 billion industry, and BMG Bank has a 18 percent share of that market. Banco Itaú also has a decent market share in that industry. The two banks will profit from the success of Itaú BMG Bank by expanding their reach in the payroll loan business.

Itaú BMG Bank will attract customers that may not bank with Banco Itaú or BMG Bank and that is what both banks are betting on. Both banks need to attract a different customer to expand their loan base and to lower costs. In the EM.com.br article, Alaor said the new bank will do just that.

Alaor is a respected banker with a history of successful transactions. He is instrumental in BMG Bank’s success in the payroll loan business. Mr. Alaor didn’t come from a banking father like his boss, Ricardo Guimarães but he always had the desire to be a banker. Growing up in the small village of Santo Antonio do Monte in the state of Minas Gerais wasn’t easy for Alaor. But he leaned how to manage money while shining shoes to make ends meet when he was a boy.

Mr. Alaor is now the Director and Vice-President of BMG Bank and he plays an important role in the bank’s payroll loan business. But Alaor has forgotten his roots. He still volunteers and donates money to the people of Santo Antonio on a regular basis, plus he helps them get loans if they have a job and are generating an income. Alaor never forgets his humble beginnings even when he is making deals worth more than $R billion a month.