The Activism of Andy Wirth

Andy Wirth, the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings and a noted philanthropist, recently wrote an op-ed piece for the Reno Gazette-Journal applauding the Reno City Council for approving a clean energy power plan. The plan, which is designed to move utilities away from using coal, is supported by a number of local companies concerned about climate change and the environment and is strongly endorsed by Wirth himself.

Wirth emphasizes in his editorial his belief that the time to transition towards using energy that isn’t based on burning fossil fuels is now instead of putting off doing so for the future. He mentions that the city of Reno is creating a good example for other cities by acting decisively with the passage of this power plan, and he basically says that acting locally is the first step towards positive global change in regard to climate change.

Wirth continues to call for strong leadership from government officials at all levels to transition towards the use of clean energy. He emphasizes that mere compliance with environmental regulations is not enough and that cities and states have to actively push the envelope in making this enormous change. On the local level, he points out the already dramatic effects of climate change on California including drought and increased numbers of forest fires.

About Andy Wirth

As CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, Andy Wirth has worked for years to make Squaw Valley Ski Resort one of the premier outdoor recreation sites in the world. He has also been a leading champion of environmental causes in the Lake Tahoe area and has given substantial amounts of his own money and time to local service organizations.

Furthermore, Wirth is active in raising money for charity on a national level. When he was badly injured in a 2013 ski-diving accident and nearly lost the use of one of his arms, he was inspired by the near-death experience to found the “Wounded Warrior Support” Iron Man team that currently raises money for the Navy Seals Foundation.

What You Need To Know About Choosing Vacation Rentals In London

Getting the right vacation destination is always a task to many and this has triggered the search for information from different websites. However, details available online cannot be verified as perfect truth and reliable to the needs of different people. When you want to find the most refined rentals, it’s good to get all details that are needed for you to decide perfectly. Each website will offer their own set of details. So, getting accurate information is something that matters when searching for London Vacation Rentals. Lack of information can lead to wrong decisions that will eventually ruin a vacation that is supposed to offer perfection and enjoyment.

One of the easiest ways one can get accurate information about different vacation rentals is to rely on online referrals and reviews by different people. This is something that can be available on different testimonial pages of these websites that allow people to book rentals. Most importantly, there are online groups and networks that offer platforms where members can discuss about different vacation rentals available on certain regions. This is information that can allow the user to make a perfect resolve.

LondonEscape is one such website that has existed for a long span and is known for offering information about different vacation rentals. The website offers detailed reviews of each unit and allows users to also learn about all nearby places they can visit to make their time more enjoyable while on vacation. It is also necessary to note that the website offers information about the amenities that are available for the users. LondonEscape is a leading website that only reviews the best rentals and ensures all the details reviewed are true and there is no exaggeration in these reviews. The website also allows sues to make bookings and to pay for the rentals they like. It is one of the most reputed websites in that area and they have been rated highly for maintaining honesty and reliability in all their operations.

Getting details about the kind of road network and communication that is available within a certain region also helps. Some rentals are not located in the best places therefore unfit for certain kinds of trips. Getting details about the location where the rentals are built also allows one to learn what can be available. Talk t friends and other people who have visited different places to get some details about the network that is available on those regions.

Lime Crime’s Cruelty Free Eye Captivating Cosmetics

There are a lot of makeup products available today. These different lines of cosmetics range from the very inexpensive to the very expensive. The price of a cosmetic product is not always the best indication of how well it will perform. A good makeup product is often the result of the way it is formulated. The Lime Crime line of products are designed to be long lasting as well as beautiful. This particular line does not use animal testing for any of its products, so it is vegan and cruelty free.

Products for the Lips

Lime Crime has a number of products designed for use on the lips. The beeswax contained in these products helps to keep lips moisturized as well as soft. Their line of Velvetines are lip colors that go on as a liquid, but dry to a deep matte finish. These lip colors are smudge proof so they will stay in place even when eating or drinking. The Velvetines are available in an array of bold colors that will captivate anyone’s eye.

In addition to the Velvetine line, Lime Crime on tumblr also has a signature Unicorn line of lip colors. These sticks come in decorative tubes with unicorns on the outside. This line is also available in assorted colors ranging from the deep, rich Poisonberry to the hypnotic black Styletto. They also have playful colors such as the bright yellow of their New Yolk City and the cool sensation of their Mint to Be. This line is also in a matte finish.

For those people looking for a little more dazzle to add to their lips, Lime Crime offers their line of carousel lip colors. These shimmery shades glide on smooth and stay super satiny all day or all night long. Their Candy Apple shade is a rich crimson red accented with touches of glitter. For bronze beauties their Golden Ticket will accent the lips with a shimmering metallic gold.

Products for Eyes

Lime Crime also has several products designed to enhance the eyes. Their grunge palette is a handy 8 pack case of powder eye shadows. Colors range from the peach colored Shell to the rich earth hue of Icon. These powder eye shadows can be combined to create alluring accents for anyone’s eyes.

People who want to create a look unique to their own style can use one of the Lime Crime eyeliners. These smudge proof liners come with a precision brush making application easy. The liner can be used to highlight either the upper or lower lashes to create a sensual, exotic look. Colors include the mod white of their Lunar Sea and the high-tech style of their Metallic Silver.

Products for Nails

Lime Crime goes the extra mile in providing a line of color complementary shades of nail polish. Like their lip colors and eye shadows, these come in vibrant shades ranging from the sunny Crema De Limon to the fun purple Lavendairy. Each bottle contains a rich color pigmentation designed for full coverage and a cap with a flat, wide applicator brush.

MJ Impersonator Sergio Cortes

Sergio Cortes (a.k.a. Sergio Jackson) has mastered an art that is considered to be almost impossible. Being the perfect impersonator of your favorite celebrity. Yet Cortes has mastered it to the point at which he sounds very similar to Jackson and can even imitate Jackson’s famous moonwalk. The moonwalk is also considered to be very difficult if not almost impossible to do. He has gained an immense amount of popularity. Cortes also looks and dresses like Jackson.

Cortes seems to be set on recreating the Michael Jackson experience and there are some rumors that he may start his own tours. If this occurs, we are looking at the possibility of a real-life manifestation of the movie, Rock Star, which was loosely based on Judas Priest. In the movie, Mark Wahlberg played Chris Cole, who had been impersonating his idol, Bobby Beers, the singer of a heavy metal band called Steel Dragon. Cole ends up replacing Beers when the latter leaves the band. The only main difference in Cortes’ case is that if he chooses to go through with doing world tours as Michael Jackson, he’ll be replacing someone who has passed on instead of someone who has simply left the business.

Cortes was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1971 and still resides there to this day. Must of his popularity has been gained through his performances in Brazil. He is currently employed with Destiny Projects, which manages artistic development, and has many supportive colleagues. He started his impersonation work during adolescence but wasn’t publicly recognized until 2012 when he hosted a Michael Jackson tribute show.

Cortes himself has had an immense admiration for Michael Jackson since childhood. Cortes has been imitating Michael Jackson since before Jackson rose to King of Pop status. Since his childhood, he has kept very careful track of Jackson, carefully watching all of the videos and every television appearance, from which he learned how to mimic Jackson. Even with Jackson passed on, Cortes is still able to very closely imitate all of Jackson’s movements, mannerisms and vocal inflections.

Let’s just hope that Cortes won’t fall into the some of the same traps that Jackson did.

Frans Schoeman is a Dedicated South African Lawyer

Frans Schoeman is an experienced South African lawyer who still practices law today. He has handled a variety of cases during his 25 years in the law industry, which includes legal issues, environmental concerns and the diamond industry. In addition to practicing law, he enjoys giving back to his community by providing pro bono legal services and working with charities that support children’s’ interests.

Today, Frans Schoeman still lives in Cape Town, South Africa where he was born in January 1969. He studied at the University of the Free State in New York City from 1987 to 1990 and would graduate with a law degree. After obtaining is law education, Frans would begin his career in legal services.

His legal career began with Hofmeyr Herbstein and Gihwala Inc. He was mainly responsible for legal cases involving due diligence, business mergers, acquisitions and contracts. He would work for Hofmeyr for more than five years.

In January of 1990, Frans Schoeman formed a shared legal practice with another senior attorney by the name of Helene Joubert. Today, Helene Joubert is still a practicing attorney and the devoted mother of two children. She enjoys specializing in family law when the opportunity presents itself. Together, Frans and Helene formed the new law firm called Joubert Schoeman Attorneys.

Joubert Schoeman Attorneys primarily handles corporate and commercial law cases. In addition, they handle cases involving debt recovery, medical and constitutional law, labor law and administrative cases.

By July of 1990, Frans was approved for membership at the Law Society of South Africa, where he worked to educate and train attorneys for legal services.

In March of 2001, Mr. Schoeman was given the responsibilities of the Legal Director for TG Minister Group. His responsibilities at TG Minister Group included overseeing cases involving, general legal concerns, contractual procedures and negotiations, drafting, acquisitions and legal mergers.

In just a couple of years, Frans Schoeman enjoyed the honor of practicing at the High Court of South Africa, where he would be responsible for criminal and a variety of civil cases.

By 2005, Schoeman’s career would find him working in the diamond industry. He began working for Phatsima Diamond, which is situated in South Africa, as the Managing Director. As the Managing Director, he was and still is responsible for overseeing mining activities and growing the company. In just a little less than one year, he would go on to become the Director of the company.

Phatsima is a huge mining corporation, which oversees the development and mining of precious diamonds. It’s noted for being one of the biggest companies in South Africa that mines diamonds. The company has a reputation for extracting high quality diamonds, and they export large quantities of diamonds on a yearly basis.

When Schoeman isn’t working at Phatsima Diamond, TG Minster or Joubert Schoeman, he is actively involved in a number of charities. He enjoys lending a hand to organizations involved with the environment, sciences, people’s rights, the arts, and education programs for children.

Although Frans Schoeman stays busy with his attorney practices, he still manages to find time to enjoy a variety of personal interests including painting, art and his Porsche.

Why Investing In Gold Is Worth It

Things are not what they used to be. Investing in anything is pretty risky. Anytime you invest, there is always a risk that the economy will take a nose dive. There is always a risk that you will lose your shirt. This is why investing in gold is the way to go.

Investing your cash is no longer the main rule anymore. Gold gives you more of a solid return. If something were to happen to the economy, your gold stocks are going to be okay. Gold is going to protect you, no matter what the situation is. What it all boils down to is, gold is the only thing worth something anymore.


This is an add-on to what I just mentioned above. During any economic crisis, your stocks and shares are going to be worth nothing. Sorry to say this; but, it’s the truth. We invest happily in stocks and shares from companies; but, like any other form of currency, it’s not going to be your saving grace. Gold is. Gold also offers the diversification that so many need.


Money comes and goes, we all know this. Gold doesn’t operate under these rules. Gold is rare. Miners have to go look for it. This means that the demand will always be there. The price for go will go up, so will the expectation and demand. It’s best to get in on it while you can, before the prices really begin to go up.


This is the main rule of thumb that any investor should abide by. Same goes for gold. It will also never fluctuate, the way other stocks and shares will. You can always count on gold to give you and honest investment and return.


This company was founded by the veterans. More importantly, this company was founded by those veterans working in the gold industry. These veterans learned early on what type of investment gold was. They learned that investing in gold was one of the smarter choices a person could make.

These veterans took this philosophy and founded the US Money Reserve. You would do right by investing with this company too. These veterans understand the needs of the customer; so, they put these needs above all others. Invest with them today. No matter how much gold you wish to invest in, the US Money Reserve is your best choice. Go onto the site today and find out you can get involved.

Pioneer Ski Area CEO Wirth Has A True Gem In Olympic Valley

Autumn may have just begun, but skiers across the country are eagerly awaiting those first snowfalls that signal the beginning of ski season. And with the anticipation of El Niño, experts are predicting a season full of significant snowfalls in the southwest and Colorado, and for drought-plagued California, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is predicting a 30% increase in precipitation, making northern and central California a hot spot for skiing this winter.
One must-visit spot is the Pioneer Ski Area, made up of the Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows resorts, located in Olympic Valley, California near beautiful Lake Tahoe. Since acquiring Squaw Valley in 2010, CEO Andy Wirth has returned the host of the 1960 Olympics to its former glory as a state of the art resort through a $70 million renovation, revamping its overall design, lodging, and bar and restaurants. In addition, just one year later, Wirth merged Squaw Valley with Alpine Meadows. Combined, both resorts offer access to 6,200 acres, 43 lifts, and over 270 trails. One lift ticket can be used at either mountain, giving skiers in California an even wider variety of top-quality options when hitting the slopes.
Creating a superior skiing experience in such a short amount of time is no surprise given Wirth’s background. An avid skier and adventurer, Wirth began his career as an intern with the Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation where he stayed for more than 20 years, honing his skills in marketing and sales. In 2007, he moved on to become the chief marketing officer and executive vice president of sales and marketing for Intrawest where he managed their entire portfolio of ski resorts.
Given this extensive experience, Wirth was an obvious choice to run Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows, but he also had a clear vision of what the area represented and could become again. Designated a California Historical Landmark in 1960 during the Olympics, Squaw Valley is known to be the birthplace of organized skiing in the US. Andy Wirth aimed to recreate this legacy while giving the resort modern updates. He was featured on the CBS show Undercover Boss, which garnered 7.329 million viewers who saw the renovated resort.
With many ski resorts to choose from in an upcoming season that promises a record snowfall, Pioneer Ski Area offers everything a skier could want and Andy Wirth promises to keep it that way.

The World Of Gold Investing

For the past 5 years, gold has seen a significant increase in value. Many investors and regular consumers are purchasing gold because of the potential for growth. Two years ago, it was stated that an ounce of gold was valued close to $1200. This news began a surge in people selling the gold they had in their possession and buying gold, in hopes that the value will increase. Many people consider gold to be a good investment. Gold might be a good investment solely for the potential of the price growing in a number of years. With every investment there are risks. One of the main risks include the price dropping significantly and the holders of gold losing their investment. However, there are several reasons why gold can be a good investment in the long run.

Long Term Goals

Over a 45 year period, gold has outperformed basic investment services like stocks and bonds. There is a long term potential for growth. According to many investment specialists, gold had increased in value by 315%. This news gives gold investors hope that the value of their investment will continue to grow. In 1971, the cost of gold was set to $35 per ounce, now it has seen a significant jump to over $1200 per ounce. Over the years, the value of gold has lowered in a minor way but not enough to be concerned that the entire value will be lost, including anyone’s investment.

The U.S. Money Reserve is a company that is currently the largest distributor of United States Government issued gold, platinum and silver coins. Founded by gold market veterans, The U.S. Money Reserve helps their customers buy coins that have the highest value, giving them better bang for their buck. The U.S. Money Reserve uses their expertise to help their customers profit from their investment.

Frans Schoeman; Why He Is One Of The Most Brilliant Lawyers In South Africa

Intellectual property law is a branch of law that is practiced by intellectual property lawyers who are adequately trained to handle the challenges that come accompanied by the job. Intellectual property law can be easily defined as literary and artistic works, innovations, creations of the mind, designs, names and images used in any business setting. Intellectual property is further divided into two categories; (a)trademarks and patents, industrial designs as well as geographical designs of a source.

The other branch of intellectual property is copyright which includes but is not limited to artistic works such as poems, novels, films, plays, artistic works such as drawings and murals, sculptures and photographs, architectural designs as well as musical works. It is also concerned with the rights related to performing artists in all their performances, phonograph producers in all their recordings as well as the rights of broadcasters their television and radio programmes.

Intellectual property lawyers ensure that all legal procedures connected with the intellectual property are in sync with the owner’s and legal framework’s expectations. Clients who own industrial property hire the lawyers to help them with filing an application for a trademark and patent, defend the patent and trademark as well as represent the client before a patent examiner board or even write a licensing agreement.

The application of a patent requires a knowledge of patent law and deep knowledge of the patent office’s procedures and practices. The knowledge aspect is what lawyers have, and clients lack which makes them very instrumental. However, no applicant is not denied the right to make his own application if he truly understands all the procedures and protocols that are supposed to be followed.

Frans Schoeman belongs to the creme de la creme of South African intellectual property lawyers. He subscribes to the school of thought that believes that every solution needs some ingredience. In his law practice on, Frans Schoeman is well known as a professional who is adequately prepared to provide excellent legal skills using experience and knowledge. He is a partner in one of the best law firms in the county that is well known to have a direct association with unlisted and listed companies that are both national and international with a huge commercial client base. His company is proud to be associated with many success stories with the biggest being an arbitration award that exceeded R120 million.

Frans acknowledges that the biggest challenge in the law arena remains professional service delivery precisely the reason he strives to deliver the best in his areas of specialty so as to ensure that the client gets value for the money spent at the end of the day. Clients and colleagues who have dealt with him in the past know him as a fighter in the courtroom but as a thinker and strategist in case preparation.

Together with his partner, they have a combined expertise of over thirty-five years with him being in practice for not less than twenty-five years. Frans has and will continue offering top-notch services to his clients because his passion lies in optimum service delivery.

Preparing For The Skiing Season

Have you physically prepared yourself for the skiing season? The peaks are believed to be snow-capped. The slopes are actually showing a hint of white. It’s that time to prepare your body for winter skiing season.

The Skiing sport is actually a very different beast from the other summer sports. However, there are several summer sports that compare to the physical acts the skiing sport. This means that if you want to ski best during the winter, you have to practice these sports conditioning. If you are able to get a lot of physical exercise regularly and have no any kind of injuries, then you can actually begin your skiing conditioning just 5 weeks before you can hit the slopes. If any other cases, the sport should start 8 weeks before the season starts.

When you decide to get in shape for the sport, you must start by toning the legs. Exercises such as cardio, or even aerobic, should be the main forms of leg-toning. It is important to choose the cardio exercises which will simulate skiing, when it is possible.

For the cardio, the cross-country ski machines together with the slide-boards are very good choices for you. Taking aerobics classes will prove to be very helpful. These classes will make you to move in various directions, focusing on your legs, and be able to work in a cross-training basis. Skiing is believed to be very anaerobic, because they use brief bursts of power, followed by the reduced intensity and the rest, you must try to train in anaerobic work-outs if possible. Remember to include some powerful bursts of intensity during your entire cardio work-outs.

While the cardio should be the major focus, you can be able to tone the legs with strength training. You can do this by lunges and squats, which are believed to be the best in toning the legs. They are actually good for skiing preparation as well as toning your butt. Form is also very crucial. Make sure that you include flexibility training, which must include loosening the legs, the hips and the torso. Yoga will prove to be very helpful, as it will help to balance and also your breathing.

Andy Wirth is the President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, which is the parent company of Squaw Valley and the Alpine Meadows ski resorts. He is known to be a professional in the skiing sport. He once had a very bad accident while in the sport, but he managed to recover, and he is still practicing it.