Wen by Chaz Amplifies Fine Hair

WEN by Chaz cleansing conditioner has been known to make women cry over how fabulous their hair looks after trying it. If you have not seen the famous infomercials for Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner, then you have likely missed out on all of the buzz about this great hair care product. An editor for Bustle wanted to see for herself if Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner could make her fine hair come alive. She wrote that she has been an avid user of a bunch of different hair care products, but she does not yet have a favorite because none seemed to be able to make her hair full and shiny. Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner solved her problem. It was able to add moisture and make her fine hair look less brittle and more alive. This is a common result among women using Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner for the first time. The editor for Bustle got to use this sephora sold cleansing conditioner for an entire week and really experiment with her hair care routine. After changing it up several times, she decided that the best results came from using Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner in the morning right before she styled her hair.
Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner is designed to make all different kinds of hair look amazing. Chaz Dean created this products so that all women could experience amazing hair from the comfort of their own homes. Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner is recommended for anyone who wants to have healthier and shinier hair instantly. It does not take more than one try of Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner to see immediate results. Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner makes hair even more amazing the more consistently it is used over time.

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Brian Torchin and the Founding of HCRC

Brian Torchin is a medical practitioner from Philadelphia. He studied in the University of Delaware where he got a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science and Physical Therapy. While studying in the University, he also developed an interest in medicine and healing. As a result, he proceeded to study and acquired his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree in the same University of Delaware. When he completed his studies, he went on to practice his trade like many other professionals.

In the course of his work, Brian realized that there was a problem with staffing in the medical field. He realized that there was a problem in connecting newly trained professionals with the job market. As a result, medical institutions found it hard to find qualified people to employ and medical professionals who had just finished college found it hard to find jobs. Brian also discovered that fresh graduates needed a bit of advice and counselling to make them ready for the job market. This situation led him to come up with a staffing company for medical professionals. The Company is called Healthcare Recruitment Counselors LLC (HCRC). Besides managing his Company, he still practices as a chiropractitioner.

Brian Torchin believes that professionals in the medical field can improve their earnings and competence by being well prepared for the work environment. He started his company with the objective of preparing professionals by advising them in order to make them ready for work. The Company offers services such as job placement and counseling.

Most importantly, the company vets potential employees in order to ensure that they possess all the qualities a medical professional should have. This ensures that medical institutions hire only qualified people. Besides, for the benefit of potential employees, HCRC also advises professionals who are not properly qualified on what they should do to improve their skills. In a way, the Company therefore improves the marketability of professionals. Because of the success of his company, Brian has been praised as a multi-talented and innovative medical practitioner.

NutriMost Helped Me Finally Lose All That Weight

I wanted to just lose some weight that was hanging on for dear life, but I was able to find something that helped me do everything I needed in one package. I saw a story on NY FatLoss about NutriMost, and I had to give it a try. It is a really simple system, and it has helped me stay in the best shape of my life while also making sure that I am eating right.
There is a system to Nutrimost that helps people eat the right foods, and it has a plan for eating that anyone will be able to follow. There are some folks who are trying to lose weight like me, and they have no knowledge of food at all. I found out that the system works no matter who you are. I thought it would not work on me because I have failed at other diets, but the fact is that NutriMost worked on me instantly. I fell right into the food plan, and I was eating a lot of my favorite things without having to worry about gaining weight.

I am still sticking to the plan today, and I am keeping off the 20 pounds or so that I lost. My wife started eating on the same plan, and she got rid of most of the weight from when she had our son. We are both more happy, and we are both more healthy. We would tell anyone to try NutriMost.com‘s program because it is so easy to use, and we love the way the food tastes. It is not something that forces you into a strict diet that you will yo yo on. It is a diet plan that anyone can follow no matter what weight they get to, and we are living proof of the effectiveness of the system.



Andy Wirth Announces Plans to Connect Vacation Destinations

Andy Wirth, the president and Chief Executive Officer of the Squaw Valley ski resort, recently announced plans to connect the destination mountain that houses his ski resort, Squaw Valley, to its neighbor destination mountain, Alpine Meadows.

This connection will be extremely beneficial to travelers who enjoy visiting both islands. Squaw Valley is famous for its skiing capabilities made possible by the Squaw Valley ski resort, while Alpine Meadows is renowned for its enjoyable snow boarding slopes. The combination of these mountains is a huge improvement and will increase the travel experience of people who flock to the mountains every year.

Andy Wirth revealed that the connection between the mountains will be made by the construction of a large gondola. A gondola is a large cable suspension network that can move small passenger carts along the suspension. Gondolas are often used at festivals or large resorts like Disney World to allow travelers to view the entire arena by being elevated to a high position and carried along the suspension cable path. Read more: Squaw Valley’s Andy Wirth appointed chair of Reno airport board

The gondola being built by Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows will allow passengers to board the gondola passenger carrier and be transported from one mountain resort to another with ease. Andy Wirth announced the plans to build the gondola very close to his announcement that the company would be expanding its base village area.

This area consists of hundreds of shops, apartments, and hotels that serve travelers who are visiting Squaw Valley. This expansion has been criticized and opposed by some, but Squaw Valley ski resorts is still currently in the process of developing the expansion.

Andy Wirth believes that the development of a connection from Squaw Valley ski resort to the Alpine Meadows resort will not only improve the experience for travelers to both resorts, but will help the public to accept the new expansion of the company’s property.

By building this gondola, Andy Wirth hopes that the residential community surrounding the Squaw Valley ski resort and lodge will see that new and expanded developments made by the resort will not only improve the quality of life for the business, but will create many opportunities for the citizens near Squaw Valley.

This creation can be beneficial to residents through the creation of new employment opportunities which can then drastically improve the economic status of the area. This article was originally published by Powder Magazine and can be found here.

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Dick DeVos Participates in Recent Sailing Event

Recently Dick DeVos participated in a sailing event in Fort Lauderdale, Florida known as the Gold Cup. This event was hosted by the Lauderdale Yacht Club. The event has 32 sailors that are currently competing and therefore it looks to be a highly competitive event. During this event a number of races took place and Dick DeVos is leading by one point. He is currently ahead of current world champion Alessandro Rombelli. One of the things that has made this event unique from past events is that there have been a number of youth sailors which has made it possible for less experienced participants to enter the race. As a result this looks to be the most challenging event yet for Dick DeVos.

As well as participating in a sailing race, Dick DeVos has formed and participated in a number of charitable activities as well. One of these is the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. This organization was formed to donate lots of money to a number of civic, artistic, educational and religious institutions. He has also donated to free market economic causes as well through his foundation. With this foundation he has been able to help form and improve educational institutions, churches, and also improve healthcare establishments as well.

One of Dick DeVos’ main charitable activities is funding for the arts. He has supported ArtPrize which is an art competition held in Grand Rapids. In the year of 2010 Dick and his wife Betsy contributed over $22 million to the Kennedy Center Institute of Arts Management. This organization helps provide training to managers of artistic institutions as well as assisting in professional development for anyone who works in the arts industry. This organization has also provided funds to help the state of Michigan recover from the most recent recession.

Another charitable cause of Dick DeVos is one that pertains to free market economics. He has donated money to the Action Institute, the Heritage Foundation and the Hudson Institute. DeVos has also donated funds to Northwood University to help finance scholarships, buildings and development programs for businesses. With these organizations, DeVos provides people and organizations to improve the economy and help maximize the potential for businesses that are looking to start and expand.

DeVos has also donated money to educational institutions in terms of scholarships. This helps give business school students the money to finance their education. As a result they will be in good position to become top level managers along with advancing their career. With a good business education, people will be able to provide the foundation necessary to help companies succeed along with helping people find ways to start their own business as well.

Thor Halvorssen Discusses Politics With Trish Regan

The rise of anti establishment candidates during the 2016 U.S. Presidential elections has seen many different political views come to the fore as the candidates explain their views on specific policies and issues. However, for some the rise of these non-establishment figures has become a worrying trend they struggle to understand as the election race moves towards its conclusion in 2016; Fox Business host Trish Regan believes the rise of self declared socialist Bernie Sanders is a particularly worrying problem and addressed the rise of socialism across the world with Thor Halvorssen.


The founder of the Human Rights Foundation, Halvorssen detailed the definition of socialism for the viewers of Regan’s “The Intelligence Report”, which Regan believes is one of the first times the supporters of Sanders have heard the truth behind the good points of the ideology. Regan praised the knowledge of Venezuelan born Halvorssen after the Hollywood based film producer revealed the many different ways socialism can be defined depending on how the theory is being used.


Thor Halvorssen went on to provide a detailed account of how socialism had affected his own country of Venezuela after it had become a part of mainstream politics; initially, socialist policies had been used as part of a more mainstream political focus to some success. However, Thor Halvorssen went on to explain socialist ideals had been used by a series of political figures who had little interest in anything other than achieving their own aims; following these problems, food and water shortages have become a part of everyday life in the South American country.

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Finally, Thor Halvorssen caused a small amount of surprise in host Trish Regan when he revealed he had decided to back Bernie Sanders campaign for President. Halvorssen went on to explain his reasoning for backing the campaign of Halvorssen, detailing issues with the views and connections the leading candidates for both parties have in terms of human rights. Follow Thor on Twitter @thorhalvorssen to keep up with his news and events.


How to Make the Athleisure Style Work for You Without Breaking a Sweat 

First reported in mainstream news on en.wikipedia.org in 2014, the athleisure trend shows no signs of flagging and may well be unstoppable. All I want to know is, who do I have to thank? With casual chic athletic wear now showing up everywhere from the runway at Alexander Wang to the pages of Vogue and Forbes to ultra-modern online women’s publications like Bustle, no unwilling woman need ever break her ankle on the sidewalk outside of the club ever again. Every day is laundry day, and laundry day has never looked better. Even Beyonce is getting in on comfort chic. Her much-anticipated athleisure line Ivy Park on http://corp.justfab.com/?action=brands.fabletics, part of a partnership with British retail juggernaut Topshop, debuts on April 14.

A good day-to-night dress is invaluable for going from the office to happy hour, but the athleisure trend on youtube.com can take you all the way from your pre-coffee dog walk to post-work drinks with friends to an extremely misguided Tuesday night out on the dance floor. Sure, you’ll regret all those drinks on Wednesday morning, but your feet will feel just fine. It’s the ultimate Spice blend: Sporty x Posh.

Achieving that effortlessly modish “I just picked this up off the closet floor this morning, and also everything I own looks like it emerged fully formed from the forehead of Alexander McQueen” vibe can be difficult without dropping some serious coin, especially with most major designers on facebook attempting to cash in on the trend. After all, how can you dress like Beyonce without being Beyonce?

Accessible au courant brands like Fabletics are here to fill that gap. Like many popular websites today on http://www.bustle.com/articles/152217-when-do-fabletics-dresses-come-out-shop-these-athleisure-styles-stat-photos, Fabletics, helmed in part by Kate Hudson, follows a monthly subscription model, presenting the consumer with new, personalized options each month. The selections are 100% high quality, affordable, on-trend and innovative with regards to color and design. Traditional lines like Tory Burch’s Tory Sport will have to scramble to keep up.
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The Bad Dealings of Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass who is the founder of Hayman Capital Management, was asked about the United States and if they could be headed towards another recession. After the economic crisis in 2008 that nearly destroyed their financial system, it is a worry. His answer did not reduce those fears.

Asia has built a giant credit bubble over the past 10 years, possibly longer, and it could cause the U.S. to enter another small, brief recession in the next two or three years. There is a 40-50% chance that it could happen in the next year even. You can hear more about this during an interview he is doing for FOX during its Business Network’s Wall Street Week.

Bass has a history of predicting financial blow ups, including the recession of 2008. He has earned nearly $4 billion betting against supreme mortgages. He played a critical role in the Bear Stearns financial crisis and collapse in 2006. During this time, he was running he own firm and he gave a presentation about risks and how they could impact a firm. This was meant to be a warning for Bear Stearns. They did not heed it.

During his interview, Bass confirmed that he was the one who initially started asking questions about the bad mortgages being made with Bear Stearns. The news networks heard about the company’s bad deals and it suffered a terrible hit to its reputation which eventually led to its demise. It was bought by JPMorgan’s CEO, Jamie Dimon. Kyle Bass never seems to pass down an opportunity to appear on TV to give his “analysis” and ultimately serve his own best interests.

Not only is Bass known for his bad calls, as Kyle Bass The Frantic Investments of a Desperate Gambler exposes, he is also known for making unsavory alliances. One of those alliances is with Cristina Fernández de Kirchner of Argentina. She has defaulted on the country’s sovereign debt for a second time last year making it the second time in thirteen years. Kyle Bass can’t stop singing her praises. Other bad dealings including blaming the victims and driver’s of being drunk or not wearing their seatbelts during GM’s problem with their faulty airbags and power steering. He will do anything to turn a profit, even if it is not in the best interest of the people he is suppose to be serving.

Venezuela Enters Rationing Stage for Electricity

Venezuela’s electricity shortage has led to the government taking drastic measures. In 10 highly-populated states, electricity is being rationed. Yes, this includes the biggest town in the country, Caracas. Rationing will take the form of cutting power for four hours per day for roughly 40 days.
Numerous factors have contributed to the electricity crisis, but the massive drought the nation has sustained played the biggest role. Venezuela relies on hydro-electric power. Without rain supplying more water, only so much electricity can be produced. Now, hardly any electricity is being produced.

Rationing is an extreme measure, but the current situation is definitely an extreme one. If electricity were to completely dry up, the nation would find itself in the middle of the 19th century. “A lot of chaos and disorder would result from the panic” says Luque.

Even if rationing does help conserve electricity, the economic impact on the nation is going to linger. Venezuela is already suffering from dire economic hardships and they are looking to get worse.

Major political upheavals are expected in the next election cycle. Regardless, until the drought ends, Venezuela is not likely to see much of a turnaround. No nation can thrive without a proper supply of electricity.

George Soros Foresees Another 2008-Like Crisis Following the Ongoing Global Market Volatility

George Soros has told investors on nybooks.com to tread carefully following the crisis engulfing the global markets. He was speaking at an economic summit in Colombo. According to a Bloomberg Business report, George Soros said the problem was as a result of China’s currency devaluation and the difficulties the country was experiencing in finding new growth model. During the first week of the year, global currencies, commodity markets and stocks took a lot of heat, with the sinking of the Yuan precipitating the woes.

As of Wednesday 6, January 2016, just six days to the start of the year, a total of $2.5 trillion had been wiped off the global equity’s value. The losses were much higher in Asia, where the slide culminated in a halt in trading at the Chinese equities market on 7th January. Soros sees great similarities between the current environment with the events that triggered the global financial 2008 crisis. In 2011, Soros also warned of another 2008-like crisis , when he spoke to a panel in Washington, DC.

During his speech on Forbes, Soros warned that Greece crisis could be worse than what the world had witnessed during the 2008 crisis. News of the global market instability came at a time when the Communist Party in China has announced plans to speed Yuan’s convertibility by 2020 and proposed a move to eliminate capital controls. In other related news, Bloomberg Business reported a surge in various measures of volatility around the globe at the start of the year. The Chicago Board Options Exchange volatility Index went up 13% while the Nikkei Stock Average Volatility Index climbed to 43%.

About George Soros
George Soros is a world renowned billionaire and philanthropist whose hedge fund made impressive returns of 20% annually for over 30 years, starting in 1969. The Bloomberg Billionaires Index places Soros net worth at $27 billion. Soros is also the founder of the Open Society, an organization with a global presence. According to OpenSocietyFoundations.org, the idea of forming the organization was informed by the need to strengthen human rights and government accountability. George Soros began his philanthropic efforts in 1979 when he started giving scholarships to needy black students in apartheid South Africa.

Soros also played a key role in shaping the political ideology of Eastern Europe by undermining Communism in Eastern Bloc countries during the 80’s. He created the Central European University to open more study opportunities and promote critical thinking after the fall of the Berlin wall. Soros positions on various issues have also placed him at crossroads with various regimes. In November 2015, CNBC reported that the Russian government had banned charity groups founded by George Soros on the grounds that they were a threat to the country’s institutions.