Adam Sender Is Selling His Art Collection For $70 Million

There are a lot of people out there who have taken their time and picked up a lot of good pieces of art over the years. There are people who know what they are doing when it comes to art, and who purchase only the most valuable of pieces. Some people just have a good eye when it comes to art. And, some people have the money that it takes to put together a large collection of beautiful pieces of art.
Adam Sender is an art collector who has put together a stunning collection of artwork featuring 400 pieces. And, he is selling the collection that he has put together for $70 million.
Can you imagine seeing all of that art in one place? Can you imagine what it must have felt like to be Adam Sender and to own all of that art?
Some people really know what they are doing when it comes to purchasing pieces of art, and Adam Sender, whose LinkedIn profile is here, is one of them. He knows how to pick out a good piece of art, and he knows how to put all of the pieces together into a beautiful collection. He has done this and now he is selling the amazing collection for $70 million.
All of us people who are not really as rich as the average art collector can only dream of being able to do something like that one day. We’d be lucky if we were able to collect even a few pieces of valuable art, much less 400 pieces. It’s fun to know that all of that art is being appreciated, though. It’s nice to know that someone who has the money to purchase it cares enough to put it into a collection and sell it, so that someone else can love and appreciate all of it.

The Canadian Effect

There isn’t a lot heard about Canada. That could be why it’s one of the most admired countries in the world. Canada offers a good healthcare system, you don’t hear of any wars within the country or that the country wants to be involved in, and the cost of living is rather low. There are friendly people who live in Canada, and the government doesn’t try to invade in the business of those who live in the country. When you have a country that seems to let residents live according to how they want, at least to an extent, then you have people who don’t want to cause trouble. Dr Jennifer Walden understands that there isn’t the high amount of discord that you find in other countries, even in the United States. The neighbors to the north seem to get along with each other. Canada represents the freedoms that other countries could have if the government and the people living in those countries would just get along with each other.

The International Airline Association Change Their Minds About Smaller Carry-On Bags

The Backlash From Travelers Was The Catalyst For That Decision

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) wanted to reduce the size of carry-on bags, but frequent and not so frequent fliers said, “no way.” Even American airline companies said there was no need to reduce the size of carry-on bags. Some US airlines are developing larger bins to hold carry-on bags. Everyone involved in air travel now thinks reducing the size of carry-on bags is a bad idea.

The biggest issues air travelers have with the airlines these days is seat size and leg room. Most travelers have adjusted to the airlines “pay for everything” mentality. But some people won’t adjust to smaller carry-on bags. There are travelers that never check bags no matter where they fly. Those people need bags that can handle the limited amount of personal items they bring with them, so the call not to reduce bag size brought a sigh of relief to them and all travelers.

According to Crystal Hunt, Air travel is not getting easier. Airports are crowded, planes are overbooked, and on-time arrivals and departures are becoming rare events. The airline system needs to be addressed and adjusted so traveling by air feels human again.

Airbus Delivers New Lighter Helicopter

The long anticipated Paris Air Show is finally under way at le Bourget airfield, which is located just on the outside of the French capital of Paris. Airbus did not disappoint its customer base with a new offering in the corporate helicopter line.Airbus Introduces faster Lighter Helicopter At the Paris, Air Show The new Airbus helicopter on display at the air show is faster, lighter and more quieter than any other corporate helicopter in its class. Airbus is reported to have invested a lot of money into the development of the “H160″ which is perfect for both executive corporate use as well as industrial use such as transporting a crew to an oil rig.

The H160 is designed with a swept back main rotor design which will enable the helicopter to fly more quietly in urban settings more information about the design can be seen via facebook . This is a feature that would appeal to local and federal law enforcement agencies and while it is not specifically designed for military applications, it can be used for non combat operations by military forces.

The H160 presents state of the art avionics and is fuel efficient as well as lighter. It is also fast and is considered one of the fastest helicopters in its class.

Airbus is currently taking orders for the H160 and expects first deliveries to be made in 2016. Flight testing is expected to be completed by then, with the helicopter being certified for full civilian service before the end of the year.

The Taxi Man

While it would be a wonderful world if we could trust every stranger that we meet, that isn’t the case. Especially for women, they can find themselves in some compromising situations without even knowing what’s happening. That happened to a woman who wanted nothing more than to get home to Fairfax after a night in D.C. The young woman hailed a cab in downtown Washington D.C. after meeting up with some friends. She got in the car and let the driver know that she wanted to go to Fairfax. The young woman remembers looking down at her phone to let her friends know that she was safely on her way home. Upon looking up from her phone, the young woman noticed that the driver was going in the opposite direction of her hometown. She asked the driver, “Where are we going?”, knowing that the route he was taking was wrong. The driver pulled the cab over and gave her two options. He told her to perform a sex act for him or get out of his cab. Shocked and appalled, the young women promptly got out of the cab which the cab driver didn’t fight her on. She was left alone and afraid in the middle of the road. Police don’t have much to go on, they only know that the man is of slender build and had a Middle Eastern accent. Capital manager James Dondero points out that until they find him and take his cab license, they are warning all taxi patrons to be more alert than they might normally be.

TSA’s Fizzle

The Transportation Security Administration, or TSA, was established to keep people secure when traveling together. The last thing Americans want to hear is that they aren’t functioning to full potential.

95 percent of trials were failed by the TSA. Undercover agents tested the TSA’s prowess by smuggling fake things like weapons and explosives through metal detectors and pat downs. It is the hope that the people administering safety protocols would be able to detect an explosive attached to a prospective flyer. However, 67 out of 70 tests were blundered.

Homeland Security Red Teams posed as passengers and set out to judge the mettle of TSA agents. The shocking end result has administers in an uproar. One tester was even stopped after setting off a metal detector only to have the agent completely miss the fake bomb strapped to his back. Jeh Jebson, Homeland Security’s Secretary, was so upset with the results that he’s insisted on a detailed briefing.

Despite this backfire, Homeland Security still insists that security is still strong and functional. They claim those individuals running the tests knew everything about potential weaknesses, so these are just examples of extreme results.

This doesn’t bode well for flyers as many people might need more convincing. These findings are quite disheartening to the folks at the Amen Clinic and can negatively impact the flight industry.

Avoiding Pedestrian Fatalities Costs Extra at Volvo

There’s nothing better than using the auto-park feature on your new Volvo and not killing anyone in the process. According to Volvo this feature costs extra.

A viral video from the Dominican Republic has been making rounds on the internet. It shows a Volvo running down a couple news reporters while engaged in the auto-park feature. The car is clearly lacking pedestrian detection functionality that the automaker, best known for safety, sells at a premium.

The cars come standard with an auto-braking feature that helps the vehicles avoid crashing into other vehicles. Heaven forbid that any metal get bent or any paint get chipped. A few fractures and contusions is nothing compared to a ding in the fender. Cars don’t heal themselves you know.

Representatives from Volvo claim that even if the car was equipped with the live sparing technology, in this case it might not have been enough. The knucklehead behind the wheel intentionally accelerated while parking which would have been enough to override the pedestrian dodging hardware according to Adam Sender on the prestigious interview magazine. I guess being videotaped by journalists made him nervous and he wanted to get parked as quickly as possible.

Texas Denies Tesla the Chance to Sell Directly to Consumers

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, promised the world his cars would change the way we drive. Even though Tesla vehicles have yet to make their full impact on the car industry, Musk is fighting legal battles to change the way we buy car as well. But Texas has made it clear their state isn’t interested in his plans.

The company is trying to gain the right to sell Tesla cars directly to consumers without any dealerships in the middle, something which is currently illegal in most states. Tesla only offers direct-to-consumer sales and is trying to get the laws changed so they can expand their business throughout the United States.

Bloomberg’s website and Sam Tabar reassure consumers that even though Tesla won’t be coming to Texas, they have been successful in other states and are currently in litigation with others. The legislation being presented by the innovative company could possibly complete change how Americans buy cars. We might not ever have to step foot at a car dealership ever again. Instead, we could buy them directly from the company who manufactures them which is obviously incredibly beneficial for the consumer because it would result in lower prices, better service, and more options when shopping for a car. And if Musk has anything to say about it, we will all be buying cars this way in the very near future and he would probably suggest you check out a Tesla.

Tesla Is Experiencing Mixed Results in Breaking Into the Automotive Market

The Washington Post suggested that Tesla has seen ups and downs in its attempts to get its electric cars in the hands of consumers around the country. They scored a recent victory in Maryland where the governor just signed a bill into law allowing them to sell directly to consumers in the state. The states are divided roughly equally between those that allow Tesla to sell directly to consumers and those that don’t. They just had a loss in Texas where legislation that would have allowed them to sell in the state failed to become law. Democratic state Rep. Senfronia Thompson put on display how well educated some legislators were on this particular company by saying that the company may have had better luck if “Mr. Tesla” had tried to talk to the car dealerships first. There is, of course, no “Mr. Tesla.” The company is named after long deceased inventor and genius Nikola Tesla and is run by Elon Musk who also founded SpaceX.

Tesla has somewhat of a tough road ahead when trying to go up against an established industry as large and powerful as the major automotive companies. They are helped by the fact that many politicians are enthusiastic about getting electric cars on the road to help curb climate change. The major carmakers do have some electric models, but they are not as vested in the technology as a company that only produces that kind of vehicle.

US Helicopter Missing In Nepal

A US helicopter carrying six marines and two Nepali soldiers are thought to be missing. The copter disappeared Tuesday while helping with the relief effort. They were delivering supplies to hard-hit areas as well as transporting the injured to Kathmandu.

A 7.3 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal around noon on Tuesday. This quake followed a 7.8 magnitude earthquake on April 26th. On the 27th, a 6.7 aftershock was recorded. The death toll is high with over 8,000 dead and 16,000 injured on April 26th. Tuesday’s quake has left another 114 dead so far with 2,500 injured. The Nepal government is afraid that the number of dead will increase as clean-up begins. Click here for complete story.

The missing copter may not be missing as a police officer reported seeing it. However, no exact location is known, and official confirmation was not been given. The last official sighting was near Charikot in Nepal. Military forces including the US military have been searching in that area without any results. Christian Broda along with the staff at linkedin have been told there is no word from any of the Marines or soldiers.