Make Your Chapped Lips Smooth

There’s nothing worse than having dried crack lips and all of the sorts of problems that they can bring. Smooth lips don’t only look better, they feel better as well. If you want to keep your lips smooth and free of chafes you’re going to need lip balm to clear things up. The waxy substance covers your dry chapped lips and allows them to heal over. Unfortunately many lip balms use artificial ingredients that may cause harm to your lips over time. Evolution of Smooth, one of the most popular brands of lip balm, only uses natural ingredients. There aren’t any harmful synthetic chemicals for you to worry about.

Relying on natural ingredients gives Evolution of Smooth lip balm an advantage over it’s competition in so many ways. When you use EOS lip balm you’re getting what nature has intended for you, including vital nutrients.

Evolution of Smooth lip balm contains vitamin E and shea butter to keep your lips supple and moist all day. EOS lip balm uses many flavors as well. You can find sweet mint flavored lip balm, pomegranate raspberry, and so many more flavors. Natural and healthy, Evolution Of Smooth gives your chapped lips all the care that they need. Give the product try, visit or to purchase.


Norka in her Showcase: “My destiny is in Music”

Norka Luque believes that she comes from one of the blessed families in the world. Her life is full of peaceful experiences. While she was a child, she kept dreaming of a successful career in music. She did all she could to realize the dream. Her parents gave her the opportunity to strive for academic excellence and music. For this reason, Norka was a star at her local school. While she was a child, she got numerous opportunities to exploit her music talent before the masses. Norka was chosen to sing on behalf of children at local schools. While Norka was still a child, she was recognized internationally.

Norka was in the United States to submit her showcase. The United States-based Venezuelan came into the light of her music career through the exclusive support of the well-known music producer Emilio Estefan. While she was still hoping for the best, she met the legendary producer at a meeting and decided to show him her talent. Emilio was satisfied at what he saw and extended an invitation to the studio. While in the studio, she worked hard into the night to perfect on vocals. These were the essence of singing. Music is all about vocals. For this reason, her practice would bear fruits in endurance and help her keep the necessary discipline.

While Emilio Estefan was still on her side, she released her first album “Miracle.” For this album, Emilio Estefan brought together a group of renowned producers to make it a success. Alberto Gaitan, the Ricardo brothers, Luis Giraldo, Archie Pena, and Puerto Cuco formed the team of producers in charge of Norka’s success. The hardest thing to determine in the song was its genre. It was a fusion f ballad, rhythm, blues, rock, and pop.

While Norka was still a child, her mother says that she never slept until the music was in her ears. Music was the soother of Norka’s soul. She had a great taste. She would skip food for the sake of music. Her passion grew tremendously. For this reason, her parents had no choice other than taking her to an elementary music school after regular classes.

After graduating from high school, Norka went to France to study Business Administration. Her education did not yield satisfaction. Her heart was not complete. Therefore, she decided to keep in touch with her long-term dream. She joined a local band Bad Moon Rising in France to remain connected with success.

Investment Banks Play A Vital Role in The Investment Banking Industry

There are many different types of banks. Each type of bank plays a role in the banking industry. One of the banking types that plays an important role in the banking industry is the investment bank. While there are a variety of banks that can handle the most common banking needs that people have on a regular basis, there are only a few types of banks that can handle specialized banking needs.

Investment banks handle a variety of specialized banking needs. There are several reasons why investment banks are able to handle specialized banking needs. One of the main reasons is the investment banking structure. The structure of investment banks is compromised of three primary areas. These areas provide different types of investment banking services.

At the core of the structure to help manage and run the investment banking areas is the investment banker. A unique position that requires a variety of skills. The investment banker position is a well respected part of the investment banking structure. Many people work as investment bankers but only a few become known as investment bankers.One of the most well known investment bankers in the investment banking industry is Martin Lustgarten. A sharp and popular investment banker, Martin Lustgarten has accomplished a lot during his career as an investment banker.

In addition, Martin Lustgarten has been able to establish his own investment banking firm, which is Lustgarten Martin. As the founder of Lustgarten Martin, he has been able to build a solid list of quality clients that includes both large and small corporations along with some powerful individual clients.

The investment banker is an integral part of investment banks. Investment bankers are able to handle a wide array of financial and marketing related responsibilities without the need of assistance from other professionals. The pressure that comes with the investment banker position can be a challenge even to the best investment bankers.

However, the rewards that come with overcoming those challenges are numerous and worth the time and energy needed. Investment banks provide banking services that are only available from investment banks in many cases. The special type of bank and the special type of people needed to run investment banks make the investment bank an important part of the banking industry.

Medellin SEO Offers New Online Reputation Management Services

Medellin SEO has announced that they will now offer online reputation management services to help local businesses. This assistance will direct more targeted traffic and hopefully increase business’s revenue. They provide services ranging from web design to social media marketing.

Nowadays, Reputation Defender is crucial for any business. Consumers go online to find products or services offered by companies. If a business has a bad online reputation, they could lose potential business.

Already praised by customers for their range of services, Medellin SEO is looking forward to adding reputation management to their repertoire. This new service will also broaden the clientele in which they serve.

The company will ensure a positive reputation for clients through different strategies. Online reviews and various social media methods can be used to maintain a good reputation. Using social media accounts for businesses can raise awareness of the business and is critical for keeping up with the competition in today’s ever-growing technological world.

The services offered by Medellin SEO are all designed to help businesses, especially small ones, to increase their exposure to the world and hopefully gain more loyal customers. Gagiano, a spokesperson for the company, states that improving a business’ reputation is not as difficult as many people believe it is and that most just don’t know how to begin.

Medellin SEO plans to help businesses create or improve their online reputation. Half of consumers now own a smartphone or tablet, which makes online presence even more crucial for businesses. Businesses should take online reputation seriously and should genuinely consider hiring a reputation management firm for all their online services.

Securus Technologies Field Service Experts undergo Training to Improve the Company’s Services.

Securus Technologies is a reliable company that has specialized in providing technology services for the United States’ inmate communication industry. The solutions that the enterprise offers are used by clients in monitoring, public safety, and correction. The firm recently informed the public on the certification of its 11 experts who provide field services. The professionals were accredited by the Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI), which is an institution that is recognized by many nations. Securus Technologies’ field services will now be provided by individuals who have sufficient expertise in the area.


The BICSI is a professional organization that is committed to offering support to ICT experts. The ICT sector is diverse, and it consists of project administration, electronic safety, audio & video, data, and voice technology. BISCI assists its trainees and members to have the skills that are needed in developing, installing, controlling, and maintaining programs that are related to ICT. These undertakings are mainly meant to deal with paths, gaps, infrastructure, systems that are wireless, and sharing networks that are made of fiber and copper. BICSI in used in 100 nations by approximately 23,000 professionals who depend on it for periodicals, training, seminars, and accreditation.


Danny de Hoyos, who works at Securus Technologies as the operation section’s senior vice president, believes in BICSI as a competent institution that can offer top-notch training to the ICT staff of the company. According to him, the organization will enable the field service experts to have knowledge that will allow them to tackle technical problems in the fast developing ICT sector. Allowing staff members to have in-house training makes them acquire new knowledge hence they can offer excellent services to the company’s customers. The employees who underwent the practice are highly experienced since they have been in secures technologies for about 15 years.


The Key To Providing Excellence In Medical Staffing

A medical practice has many different roles that need to be filled. Finding the right people for these positions can be difficult at best. There is a solution to finding the best and the brightest medical staff for clinics, hospitals and other medical facilities.

Brian Torchin has experience working as a medical professional in the field of chiropractics. He is also a managing partner of Healthcare Recruitment Counselors LLC. His yers of experience in both the field and in the office providing staffing solutions makes him one of the top recruiters in the world.

Mr. Torchin is said to be very detail oriented. He takes the time to get to know his clients and help them find the professional, trained staff that they need. He works to maintain long term relationships with his clients as well.

The philosophy of Mr Torchin and Healthcare Recruitment Counselors is to act as if the business would not exist without the clients. In that way, the business always takes that extra step, that extra effort to assure that all parties involved in ever transaction are completely satisfied.

Consistency in the medical field is important to assure that patients and medical staff are well taken care of. If consistency is what a center or clinic needs, then Brian Torchin is their answer. He treats every client the same every time offering the consistency and reliability each person needs and expects.

He also offers his insight and expertise in a blog. On his blog one can find information about finding the right staff members for a practice and the best ways to retain those people. There is also medical advice concerning chiropractics.

As the acting President of HCRC LLC Brian Torchin also keeps a compiled list of available professionals seeking a clinic or medical office placement. Since the business was first collaborated, this list has gone from simple chiropractic practitioners to include all sectors of the medical fields.

His experience also spans a wide range of staffing solutions, so he is well qualified with advice and counseling as well. He has experience and knowledge in opening clinics and practices up, staffing them, and managing them once they are opened. Whether needing to revamp an existing practice, or seeking to open a new location, Mr Torchin has the staff and the answers to get the job done.

A exemplary example of how hard work and perseverance can pay off.

Trends in Technology Influence Fashion, Says Noted Venture Capitalist

As entrepreneur J. Christopher Burch makes clear in this recent article in Engadget, fashion and technology reflect and influence each other. They both change rapidly, and they grow and change together. Technology is now more fashionable than ever before, and fashion incorporates technology in ways old-school designers never dreamed of. His article examines their past and present to get an idea of what to expect in the future as the fields converge.
Fashion designers are using the new possibilities to both innovate and make clothes more functional. One good example is the Dutch avant garde fashion designer Anouk Wipprecht, who combines the two in unexpected ways. Her creations include the DareDroid, a dress that makes drinks and Pseudomorphs, a dress that paints itself.

Other designs use technology to design clothes for better safety. Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt came up with Airbag for Cyclists, which goes around the neck. In an accident the air bag inflates to protect the cyclist’s head from injury. Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan designed Frontline Gloves for firefighters. They enable firefighters to communicate more easily.

One arena of technology is recycling. SegraSegra designs t-shirts and jackets from recycled bicycle inner tubes. Emma Whiteside used radiator copper to create a gown.

One source of energy we ignore, but could recycle with the right technology combined with clothes, is the kinetic energy of our bodies in movement. Soledad Martin is working on shoes that can charge cellphones with electricity generated from feet walking or running.

Burch is currently Chairman and Founder of Burch Creative Capital. That’s a private investment company. He’s also co-founder of the luxury fashion line Tory Burch. His business career spans nearly 40 years, and he’s helped over 50 companies. The company’s motto is: “Create. Disrupt. Scale.”

Burch Creative’s portfolio currently includes: ED (Ellen Degeneres), Poppin and Cocoon9. Previously he worked with such established brands as Voss Water, Jawbone and Faena Hotel+ Universe. He’s now helping such consumer product companies as Blink Health, Brad’s Raw Foods and BaubleBar.

He began his career while still attending Ithaca College, back in 1976, long before college students routinely started businesses. He and his brother Bob put up $2,000 for Eagle’s Eye, an apparel company. They grew it to $165 million before selling it to Swire Group. He used some of his profits to invest in Internet Capital Group, an early IPO firm.

No matter where technology and fashion go, Burch will find companies to invest in that know how to use new trends to meet the advancing needs of consumers.

More about Chris Burch:

Equities first, for perfect financial solutions

Equities first holdings have been the global leader in providing the best and most reliable alternative financial solutions. Either if it comes to the borrowers who do not qualify the standard credit based loans or the one who hanker to raise their capital promptly; equity lending is being one of the most reliable and accurate alternatives. Therefore focusing on margin loans and stock-based loans where the banks have stiffened the rules for the borrowers Equities former holding a global lender is providing best and one of the most secured lending services for individuals and businesses seeking for the right opportunities. The year 2002 established lending service company Equities first holdings, grants loans on the basis of reviews and the risks linked with stocks bonds and banks. Equities first holdings an expert in lending services provides liquidity by guarded and open process with enormous capability and the high fidelity.


Equities first holdings allow the customer to gain significant benefits over current loans and always provide high practical and substitute solutions for high net worth individuals exploring the non-purpose capital. While banks have cut their lending options for the borrowers, increased and tightened their criteria and increased the interest rate, it becomes little hard for the investors to get the right loan, therefore, Equities first holdings provide effective alternatives for the individuals. Where other options for finding liquidity could be confusing , challenging, expensive and insecure but here Market leaders in capital allocation and financial services Equities first holdings are specialised in stock-based loans which allows it to give highly flexible, efficient and rare solutions for the individual who looks for attractive terms including lower interest rates. As Equities first provide non-purpose loan therefore which allows the investor to invest in whatever field he wants according to their need which allows the individual to receive more flexibility in the capital.

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IAP changes the way businesses interact with their clients

The company IAP is a world leader in global-scale logistics, facilities management, and advancing technology. IAP is a network of over 1,800 employees in more than 25 different countries. This group can solve some of the clients biggest challenges. They can handle the “unexpected.” Many natural disasters and technology problems can be solved easily by IAP.

They are ready to roll out the resources and take on any challenging problem that their customers may have. IAP oversees and manages several military installations as big as some small cities and remote research laboratories. The company has enough human resources, technology, and managers to support its customers all around the world. There is a lot of flexibility to work with.

For several decades, IAP has earned the reputation of the most responsive and reliable leader around the market. Some companies won’t touch the complex issues that customers have to deal with today, but your problems are IAP’s problems. The company runs on helping customers conquer there issues. Their overall mission and passion that keeps the employees of IAP going everyday is connecting with customerson Facebook. Find out what each customer desires. There are plenty of innovative solutions for each kind of experience.

IAP has an established responsibility on to treat everyone with respect. Some companies will only care about treating their customers with the up most respect because they bring money to the table. Those types of companies may not give a damn about anyone else around the community that is not connected to their business. IAP Worldwide will never disrespect anyone around the world even if they do not use their services.

IAP will also connect with customers on a more personal level. Each employee is required to take the extra time and really get to know the motivations as to why customers react a certain way. Really understand the goals of the customer both long term and short term. There is no resting until each customer has been taken care of.

Being a leader around the community is very important. Everyone has got to have at least one person they look up to for motivation and advice. IAP will serve as a leader for anyone that needs it. They set a good example for all.

IAP will continue to work towards a great future. That means working hard to develop new business methods and technology resources to better help the community overall. They are constantly partnering with new companies to offer more.

Luxury Buyers Are Looking for Details According to Town Residential


According to an article recently published in Mansion Global, those buying luxury NYC properties are younger, more tech savvy and more willing to invest themselves into a property than at any time in history. The result, they hope is a property that is a unique property where they can embrace their lifestyle.

One real estate company that often works with these buyers is Town Residential. They have been serving these unique buyers for over six years. They say that many of them value their privacy. Therefore, they are tired of living in apartment complexes where their neighbors can often watch their every move.

Andrew Heiberger is very proud of the team that he has gathered to help luxury buyers secure perfect NYC properties. Andrew urges those looking at these properties to consider several factors in addition to the technology found in the home. First, he says to think about the view from the unit. The unit should not only have a beautiful view now, but some way to protect that view so that another buyer cannot come in and block the amazing scenery.

Secondly, the home should have an architectural uniqueness. There should be something that sets the property apart from all other ones surrounding it. This is part of the reasons that NYC properties in TreBeCa and Chelsea are booming right now. Each building has a story behind it and part of that story is told through the architecture.

They honestly care about what they are passing onto the next generation. Therefore, buyers of luxury NYC properties want homes that have the latest in green technology. While they are willing to put sweat equity into installing these systems, they are also willing to pay a premium price if they are already installed.

If you are interested in buying or selling luxury real estate in the state of New York, then contact Town Residential for more details. There sales force will be glad to discuss your individual circumstances with you so that you get the best property to meet your needs.