London Vacation Rentals From WorldEscape Allow People To See History Firsthand

History is not just names and dates. History is also the chance to be able to see the world as it was a long time ago or just a few decades ago. Studying history also provides people with the chance to enjoy all kinds of insights about fundamental human behaviors that are common to all of us and always have been. The student of history often finds it easier to understand contemporary society today as they have the chance to realize just how much it is similar to societies that are no longer in existence on earth in the present day.

Many cities today across the world have a long history as they have been settled by many kinds of people and societies across the ages and throughout the entire world. One such city is the city of London. London is the capital of the United Kingdom and has been home to a settlement since ancient Roman times. Today, the city of London is still a place that people across the world turn to as they consider the kind of world they want to have. London is a center for art, commerce, fashion, the arts and so very much more.

Anyone who wants to be able to understand the history of the modern world as well as the history of the ancient world will do well to visit this part of the world. Those who wish to stay here will often find that makes sense for them to look for accommodations that allow them be able to stretch out and relax after they have spend many hours looking through the areas of London where the Romans trod or exploring the streets that Shakespeare may have walked as he considered what lines to use as he plotted his next play.

An apartment in the center of the London with the help of WorldEscape. This company has a list of apartments for rent that are located right in the center of he city as well as other areas of historic London, allowing anyone who is going to stay here to be able to be assured that they are able to do all they need to do in this area at their own leisure. They can also be assured that the company in question has done all it can to help the traveler find just the right kind of apartment for their specific needs and aims. The company can provide any traveler to London with the opportunity to stay in an area apartment and let them enjoy the chance to be able to be part of this city’s contemporary scene even while they are walking through streets first laid out by the Romans.

Looking For An Effective Lacrosse Camp? Look No Further!

Going to a lacrosse camp can be a very smart move if you are serious about improving your game. Many players say that going to a camp for lacrosse really took their game to a new level. However, only certain camps will really propel you to be the best player that you can be. If you’re from Colorado, a good camp to consider is Next Level Lacrosse.

Next Level Lacrosse is known for providing its guests with skilled coaching. There are not very many lacrosse camps that can say former major league lacrosse players coach there. However, Next Level Lacrosse is one of those few places. Even fewer lacrosse camps can say that they have been partially founded by a former major league lacrosse player! Next Level Lacrosse was started in part by founder Jon Urbana, who played for the Denver Outlaws. There are also a number of other former lacrosse major leaguers canvassing on GoFundMe for Earth Force to help them raise an additional $1750 for 2016. Known as a lacrosse player during a lot of his life, he’s recently branched out to the business sector through his involvement with Ellipse USA.

Before he played for the Denver Outlaws, Urbana practiced lacrosse very regularly and developed his skill set. He also ran a Twitter group that still remains active from his account, @jonurbana1.

Jon played lacrosse for more minor teams prior to making it into the major leagues. He also spent the last few years earning an FAA Airmen’s Certificate that was recognized by the Aviation Business Gazette.

In order to make it into that level of lacrosse, one has to have a strong knowledge of excellent lacrosse techniques. Not only did he work to start Next Level Lacrosse, but he actually does some of the teaching! So, you get to benefit from the tips and tricks he has learned during his years of playing lacrosse. For bonus footage, you can also follow Jon on Slideshare to learn more about his advanced lacrosse tactics.

In addition to knowing his way around the field, Urbana also knows his way around the business world. He worked to build Next Level Lacrosse from the ground up, along with his partner in business.

In addition to creating the camp, Jon also has a website where he blogs about his additional experience in the business world. Urbana holds a position in the top rungs of the corporate ladder of Ellipse USA. Therefore, he certainly knows how to run the camp very well from a business standpoint. Here’s a pic of a typical day in Urbana’s life.


A photo posted by Jon Urbana (@jonurbana) on

Going to lacrosse camp is a good decision to make. Going to Next Level Lacrosse is an even better decision than most other lacrosse camps. Everyone that teaches at the camp does an excellent job with it, due to their extensive lacrosse experience. This certainly rings true of Jon Urbana.

Not only does he know lacrosse, but he is also inviting friends, family, and the rest of the world to contribute to a fundraiser in his name. You can make a donation of any size, and everything you contribute will land in the bank account of Denver-based Earth Force.

By now, you may be interested in learning more about Next Level Lacrosse. To do this, you can look no further than the camp’s website at

Purina Beneful Dog Food Leading The Way In Pet Health

Dog owners are more concerned than ever with the quality and origin of pet food. When it comes to quality food there really is no better brand than Beneful by Purina. Recognized as a leader in the pet food industry, Purina’s standards are next to none in promoting technologies that result in advanced safety for pets, the best tasting, and most nutritious brands in the market.

Beneful brand food is 100% nutritionally balanced, made from wholesome foods, such as beef, chicken, pork, lamb, and salmon. It also contains healthy vegetables for pets, such as carrots, barley, rice and green beans. Its wholesome ingredients provide essential antioxidants and omega rich nutrients dogs need for long term health on Not only is health important, but so is taste. The Beneful brand provides meaty tastes and textures dogs love, with varieties such as hearty roasters, medleys and chopped blends. Food is available in wet prepared meals, or dry food. It also includes Baked Delights snackers and stars, dental dog treats, and others.

Not only is Purina known for its high focus on nutrition and health, but its high standards in safety and quality. Pet owners can easily track the safety and quality commitment in Beneful on youtube brand processes, insuring the safest possible products on the market. Every supplier must meet Purina’s high standards in sanitation and safety. Grains are typically obtained from factories in Georgia, while wheat and corn are obtained from facilities in the Midwestern states. Meat originates from various U.S.D.A certified plants.

In addition to careful scrutiny of manufacturers, each ingredient is tested for purity before ever being packaged. Purina Beneful also employs leading edge technology in testing and screening ingredients, and tracking exactly where each ingredient originates from. High standards also mean researching supply chains, and consistently ensuring they employ advanced safety in manufacturing of products. Quality and safety assurance is key to being a leader in the pet food industry. As such, Purina employs a number of quality assurance experts. Quality practices often exceed what is required by the FDA, USDA and AAFCO.

The company also employs 400 scientists. On a consistent basis Purina’s scientific studies and discoveries regarding company food formulas, and pet health help ensure pet safety and nutrition. Technologies used in lab testing, and scientific procedures for testing are key components to understanding how certain ingredients interact with pets physically. They are also vital to continued efforts in ensuring pet food purity, and continued health of dogs. With standards like these Beneful is certain to be a valued brand pet owners can trust.

London Vacation Rentals From World Escape

London has long been a world center of commerce and industry. People from all across the British isles and many places abroad have found that visiting this centrally located city offers them the chance to be able enjoy a place rich with history and one that allows them to have a home base where they can visit many other parts of Europe at the same time. Today, visitors to London will find a dynamic city with many attractions. Those looking for access to accommodations that allow them to stay here will also find many wonderful choices available for their needs.

Preparing for a trip to London is even easier than ever today. Services such as World Escape allow those planning a vacation to London to find the right kind of rental for their needs. Many people find that working with the company to find a London apartment rental can the perfect way to have a home base in this exciting city. Renting an apartment from the company offers many important advantages to the renter. Such advantages include the chance to have a space in the center of the city allowing for easy access to all of London as well as having a space that is comfortable and spacious.

Renting an apartment with World Escape also makes the process of looking for just the right apartment rental that much easier. Even experienced travelers may not be quite sure where to begin a search for the rental stay they have in mind. This is one of many reasons why travelers turn to World Escape for help. World Escape makes the process of locating the idea accommodations in London much easier for anyone looking to stay here. Those wanting to visit London for a few days will find much to pick from here as will those who want to be in city a bit longer.

The company offers a large range of apartments for any budget the traveler has in mind. Someone on a tighter budget will find rentals here that are ideal for their chosen budget as will someone who may have a slightly more generous budget. All travelers can work with the company to know that their needs are taken care at every turn, even before they set foot in the United Kingdom. This allows travelers to rest easier knowing they have done all they can to prepare for their trip.

Purina Shows They’re Proud of Beneful

Purina has launched a brand new ad campaign featuring their Atlanta factory and the associates who stand behind the Beneful brand. After facing allegations, the company is putting forward a better perspective of their name and image with the “I Stand Behind Beneful” campaign. The best way to do this is by demonstrating the pride of associates who also feed their pets Purina Beneful and that they will proudly stand behind the Beneful brand. The campaign is being promoted through broadcast, digital and print platforms with first hand accounts of how Beneful is great for their own pets. Their latest audiovisual advertisement features on petco images and personal testimony from their Atlanta factory where Beneful is made. Associates at the Atlanta base, who happen to be pet owners, give their honest opinions about the quality of Beneful and how it has benefited their own pets. Their experiences are a testimony to their pride in their work as well as Beneful products for pets. Earlier this year, the company was the target of a class action suit, despite never being subjected to recalls. The goal of the current campaign is to let pet owners know that Beneful is still true to its brand of consideration, effort and safety in the making of their products. Purina assures pet owners that the allegations are baseless and that they will continue to be a source of healthy meals for dogs across the nation. For more information, please visit the Purina website to learn more about the Purina Beneful campaign “I Stand Behind Beneful.”

Global Activist Yeonmi Park Recognized By BBC

In 2014, when the BBC released its prestigious “100 women of 2014” list, it included such worldwide notables as Obiageli Ezekwesili, the former Nigerian minister leading the global campaign to rescue the 250 children captured by militant Islamist group Boko Haram and Sandee Pyne for her work with Community Partners International which works in remote and under-served areas of Myanmar where 1 in 12 women die childbirth and 1 in 7 children die of largely preventable causes. The list was heavily populated by activists, writers, educators, scientists, businesswomen and artists. The list also included one young activist from North Korea, who has yet to celebrate her 25th birthday.

Yeonmi Park was born in 1992 in Hyesan, North Korea, under the brutal and dictatorial reign of Kim Jong-Il. From earliest childhood, she was taught how to walk, talk, speak, think, act and dress in accordance with the wishes of the Party and that of her “Dear Leader.” All of her activities were closely monitored by the Party, in the same way that all of her peer’s were. Yeonmi witnessed first hand the executions that took place for minor infractions, not to mention people suddenly being carted off to government run forced labor camps for little to no reason. In the oppressive atmosphere that combined starvation from an ongoing famine with severe governmental oppression and control, even the closest neighbors and friends could not be trusted to turn a blind eye to even the smallest of violations and infractions if turning someone in might mean getting something to eat.

In 2003, Yeonmi’s own father was sentenced to one of the hard labor camps for smuggling goods into China to keep his family fed. Once there, Yeonmi, her mother and sister all watched his health deteriorate rapidly from the beatings, abuse and ill treatment experienced by prisoners of the camps. They knew that if they were to survive, they had to escape, but even escape presented its own dangers. To get out of North Korea, they had to go through China, but Chinese authorities regularly rounded up North Korean refugees and sent them home to face an even worse fate than what they had fled. Even those that managed to elude authorities, however, were still placed in an incredibly vulnerable position due to their inability to rely on authorities for protection.

Yeonmi, her mother and little sister all made the dangerous trek into China, and were subjected to harsh atrocities including Yeonmi’s mother being raped, and Yeonmi herself being sold into sex slavery before they were able to finally make their way to safety in Mongolia. While in China, Yeonmi and her mother became separated from Yoenmi’s younger sister, but were miraculously united 5 years later.

Now living in Seoul, South Korea, Yeonmi is a vocal activist for freedom in North Korea. She appears regularly as a guest on numerous radio and television shows and works tirelessly to keep the plight of North Korea in the forefront of the consciousness of South Korea and the rest of the world.

Developments made by Andy Wirth


Almost in the whole of his life, Andy Wirth has been linked to Mountain Resort and the Hotel industry. He currently holds the position of CEO at Squaw Valley Holdings, and he has brought an experience of over 25 years to his current occupation. This is something that has made the Squaw Valley Ski to become one of winter’s top tourist destination in the world.

Andy Wirth was born in West Germany. Upon attending the Colorado State University, Wirth developed a passion for the industry and he fully got himself involved in it. He later went on to further his education in Scotland at Edinburgh University. Through this time, Andy gained great experience as backcountry ranger for Rocky Mountain National Parks in addition to wilderness ranger in San Pedro Parks. Andy’s grandfather, Conrad, worked as a service director of the US National Park, and this is something that may have led Andy develop a passion for national parks.

Once Andy was through with his higher education, he landed his first job as an intern for Steamboat Ski and Resort. For more than two decades, Wirth’s official title kept on changing until he got promoted to Intrawest, which was the parent company. The promotions he received were mostly on marketing.

The firm bought Steamboat Ski and Resort in 2006, and Wirth was immediately named as the executive vice president in addition to chief marketing officer of sales and marketing. The job title he received tasked him with management of both domestic and global strategies on marketing for all resorts held by the company. To add on, Wirth would later take on various other roles with the most notable being president of Mountain Village Partnership. This organization aimed at helping support the local businesses. He remained in this company until 2010.

In 2013, Wirth was appointed by Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitor’s Authority to be the chair of Board. His extensive experience in management of international resort and having worked with several airlines to come up with multiple flights for resorts all over Utah, Canada and Colorado made him favorable to RSCVA. During his tenure, he liaised Reno-Sparks region with Lake Tahoe.

Wirth continues to focus majorly on philanthropy alongside his executive position as the CEO. He has majorly contributed to the environment as well as community service organization at Lake Tahoe region. He mostly focuses on improving the surrounding environment as well as people across all ages living within the area.


Ken Griffin studied for his Bachelor of Arts degree at Havard University in the late 1980’s. During his years on campus, Griffin was an aspiring investor who tried his luck multiple times. His efforts paid off with the successful establishment of a hedge fund with the input from his family and friends while in college. The fund’s aim was to preserve capital contributions in the wake of the stock market crisis. By the time Ken Griffin graduated from Havard in 1989, he had established one more convertible bond arbitrage fund with a capital investment of about $1 million.

The investment mind and ambitions Griffin had inspired confidence in him and all the investors he would later meet in life. On graduation, Griffin loaned an extra $1 million from Frank C. Meyer of Glenwood Capital LLC. With the help of this loan, Griffin made a profit of an almost similar figure. The next project for this smart investor was to invest in a company of his own. He started the Citadel group in the year 1990. This new venture has undergone complete transformation and growth to what it is today.

Griffin acts as the Citadel group CEO today with a large pool of over 1200 employees under his watch. The company’s exponential growth over the last fifteen years has seen it expand its portfolio and become a leading player in the industry. Citadel continues to offer alternative asset management services, a separate branch- Citadel Securities and offers liquidity options in the American capital markets. Citadel Technologies represents the third branch of the group providing investment management solutions relating to technology.

Ken Griffin is described as a dedicated family man and a mobilizer of societies. His main area of intervention is education that he believes drives change and development in society. Through the Citadel Foundation, Ken Griffin has sponsored education programs to the tune of over $250 million. The most notable recipients of his philanthropy include Lurie Children’s Hospital, the Universities of Chicago and Havard where he is an alumnus. Combined with personal donations, Ken Griffin has shelled out over $500 million in grants. Griffin’s passion for education inspired his appointment to the Board of Directors of Chicago Public Education Fund in his home state. His community affiliation stretches to support for public and cultural institutions.

Griffin has accumulated lots of wealth throughout his career. Currently, he earns an annual salary of $1.3 billion. His net worth according to Forbes stands at over $6 billion. As a recognized market operator in the United States, Griffin is a source of ideas for processes that inform government policies.

Being an opinionated man, Griffin never shies away from voicing his political views. He has extensive political contacts around the country. He is also known for sponsoring candidate campaigns for elective seats. Some of the beneficiaries include Republican Senator Mark Kirk, Mitt Romney, and Bruce Rauner. His indirect involvement in politics points to needs to maintain his status and reputation. Ken Griffin also happens to be a world-renowned art buyer and collector.

Steven P. Murray; The Original Man of CCMP

The historical path of CCMP would not have evolved so well without the energy, expertise, passion, dedication, and commitment of Stephen P. Murray. Many who worked with him and loved him would say he is Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on crunchbase. Now that he is gone, whenever those who were left behind, head into the office and CCMP, they feel they are surrounded by his great energy and legacy, although he is missed, there is this wonderful feeling that he is also still present there offering his guidance and know how.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is a privately held equity management firm that Stephen Murray co-established as an offshoot of JP Morgan Chase in 2006. It was once JP Morgan Partners but as was necessary through the innovative buyout brilliance of credit analyst, Murray, these credit decisions were going to create a great deal more wealth for the clients involved and the team of analysts headed up by Steve, from his great wisdom and know how in this arena. As his work on the growth equity team continued through the end of 2007 the realization of Steve’s great efforts were rewarded with the title and responsibilities of President and CEO of CCMP. So powerful and successful was his sense of credit market strategies that he was sought after in other ways, becoming the board member on major companies as Aramark, Generac Power, AMC Entertainment, Cabelas, The Vitamin Shoppe, Pinnacle Foods and Warner Chilicott along with Legacy Hospital Partners. His skill in trimming down operations and costs for these businesses allowed them to survive and grow, creating wealth for investors involved in their rebirth through rough waters or through a booming economic period in the nation at the time.

Not only was Stephen Murray a great leader in the world of investment and credit analysis in the world of corporate finance, but he gave a great deal of his energy and commitment to various causes such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation in Metro New York. As an alumnus of Boston College he gave and was a supporter of the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County. He was a great fan of the Stamford Museum and the Columbia Business School, where he gave of his support as well.

Stephen Murray’s wonderful life was cut short this past March of 2015. He had decided to take leave of his stellar position due to what he called ‘health-related’ reasons. He had been with CCMP and its JP Morgan Partners since 1989, also previously called Chase Capital Partners. The team at CCMP took his loss with great sadness as Greg Brenneman, the current CCMP CEO put it: “Steve was a terrific investor and deal maker….We are grateful for his positive contributions to the success of CCMP and its predecessors.”

Handy Is The Number One Cleaning Service

In the southern state of New York reside two prominent figures who are true leaders in the corporate industry. They embarked on their career after earning master degrees from Harvard Business School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Notably, Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua are currently the founders of Handy, which is a revolutionized mobile cleaning service.

Hanrahan and Dua’s extensive and highly impressive educational training in conjunction to their early career experiences helped them gain a tangible understanding of the competitive business sector. Before pursuing a Master’s degree, Hanrahan co-founded Clearwater Group Hungary, MiCandidate, and the Undergraduate Awards. He also worked on an ongoing project at Accel Partners from May 2011 to March 2012 in the United Kingdom. Essentially, his education from Uppsala Universitet, Trinity College, London School of Economics and Political Science, and Harvard University provided him with the necessary knowledge on techcrunch to excel in his entrepreneurial pursuits.

Prior to partnering with Hanrahan to launch Handy, Dua was a co-founder of College Connect from June 2008 to September 2011. He also served as a business analyst at McKinsey & Company, which is a renowned international management consulting firm that specializes in solving issues related to corporations, governments, and institutions. Notably, he currently holds degrees from the University of Oxford, Amherst College, and Harvard Business School.

During their MBA program at Harvard Business School, Hanrahan and Dua founded Handy with $60 million from well-respected investors including Ashton Kutcher, Revolution Growth, Highland Capital, David Tisch, and General Catalyst. The goal of this prominent company was to replace unreliable and complicated cleaning agencies and maid services with a modernized and unprecedented scheduling platform. Moreover, by utilizing Handy’s user-friendly system, customers can easily locate housekeepers in their area while employees receive immediate compensation for their assigned gigs. This revised approach to cleaning services is unlike the business model of traditional housekeeping companies in the marketplace. Undeniably, the company provides great benefits for both consumers and workers in many cities worldwide such as Orlando, Las Vegas, Chicago, New York City, Atlanta, London, and Toronto.

With growing knowledge in the housekeeping industry, Hanrahan and Dua envisioned a common goal in which they could deliver the best cleaning services in the country. According to their informative website, Handy’s executive team of roughly 140 leaders operate an accessible platform that serves over 100,000 residences a month in 37 highly populated locations. Moreover, the expert executives strive to facilitate the match between customers and cleaning professionals.

Also on Handy’s website is the company’s philosophy under the “About” tab. Essentially, the team strongly believes that a streamline booking process results in extremely satisfied customers and employees. Remarkably, unlike many of their competitors, the business offers a hassle-free scheduling application with a 100% money-back guarantee. In addition, Handy provides a secure payment method for customers, which ultimately promotes safe online transactions and dependable pay for workers. Most prominently, Handy’s main goal is to encourage a reliable, transparent, and easy cleaning service platform for individuals worldwide.