4 Most Interesting U.S. Military News Last Year

Last years, there are many us military news that shocked or at least piqued the interest of the public. Some of them reveal the big changes in the military. On the other hand, there is also news about some problem with the service itself. So, here, we have a collection of top news related to U.S. military. If you haven’t following the news last year, at least you can find out today by reading this article.

2019 Pay Raise and Changes of Tricare

It said that this year, the military and everyone related to this service will have raise in their payment as well as the retirement. Moreover, the government also changes some of the feature and service of Tricare. Now, we can get more incentive for drug and medicine treatment. This change also affects the Tricare system itself, for example, the region swaps, fee structure and many more.

The Uniform Changes

Last year in May 2018, the U.S. Army and Air Force announced that they will have a big change in their official uniform. The Air Force replaces their previous pattern on the Airman Battle Uniform with the new and more camouflage pattern, which is called Operational Camouflage Pattern. This pattern is similar to Army use.

On the other hand, the Army also issued a change in their everyday dress uniform. They adopted the World War II uniform that uses the pink and green as its main color. This new uniform has decided to be the mandatory uniform for the Army. On the other hand, the blue Army Service Uniform became the optional uniform for everyday service.

The Space Force

It has been a very long time that the Pentagon tries to create a division that can protect their space facilities, such as satellite and space station. Therefore, they have an idea to create Space Corps that will become one of the divisions of the U.S. Air Force. This corps has a job to protect the space facilities against many attacks, physically and digitally.

Although the ideas don’t seem to make sense, President Trump took it seriously. He even intended to develop the sixth military branch, which is called the Space Force. However, his plan was denied because it has too many missing parts. It also is difficult to decide how much budget the government must spend on this new branch. The organizational problem also becomes another issue that came up when the President stated that idea.

New Fitness Standard

Last year, the Army announced that they will have a new Army Combat Fitness Test. This new test has one purpose, which is to increase the soldier fitness condition. This test will also become the source to record the soldier fitness by October 2020. That means the soldier has more than a year to prepare for this test.

Those are us military news that we found out interesting. The decision in the news has changed many aspects of the U.S. military. Moreover, we also see those decisions are needed, in order to face a harder challenge in the future.

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